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Oscar 2022: "Belfast" play with seven nominations |  NDR.de - Culture

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Kenneth Branagh’s black and white film “Belfast” has been nominated for seven Oscars on Sunday. In the fall, the British film star told of how much of his childhood biography was in film in Hamburg.

Written by Patricia Battle

The feature film “Belfast” is about the conflict that erupted in Northern Ireland in the 1960s and what Branagh experienced firsthand when he was nine years old. “I experienced something that changed my life forever. On August 15, 1969, a mob stormed our street in Belfast,” Branagh said in a radio interview. Catholics and Protestants lived close by on his street. “Crowds marked the doors of Catholics on the street, and after a while, drove them out of their homes.

The conflict in Northern Ireland then developed with devastating consequences.The movie “Belfast” shows the events after August 15 from the perspective of nine-year-old Kenneth, in the movie Buddy, a ten-year-old Irish actor and upcoming actor. Dancer Jude Hill. “Nine months after this injury, a version of my family shows the context of the story. At the time, my parents were deciding whether to stay or move,” says Branagh, now 61.

Preview: “Belfast” trailer for Kenneth Branagh (2 minutes)

‘Belfast’ – Seven Oscar nominations for Branagh’s play

In January, Kenneth Branagh won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay. Seven Oscar nominations followed in February. Branagh is delighted with all the awards and nominations the film has received so far: “At times like this, everything that pays attention to the film helps all the film,” the filmmaker said in a BBC radio interview.

During the first lockdown, Sir Kenneth Branagh came up with the idea for “Belfast”

Sir Kenneth Branagh - actor, director and screenwriter talking about his film in an interview on the red carpet at the Hamburg Film Festival "Belfast" © NDR Photo: Patricia Batlle

Sir Kenneth Banag visited the Hanseatic city of Hamburg in the fall and described how much personality he had in his film “Belfast”.

Kenneth Branagh came up with the idea for the film’s script at the beginning of the epidemic of “no plane noise in the sky and no significant traffic noise on the road”. Thus all the voices of childhood in Belfast resurfaced. “I always wanted to write about this time. How people are dealing with the conflict now – I’m very familiar with my time in Belfast,” Branagh said in an interview with NDR Culture. Autumn. “Everything is messed up, the future feels uncertain,” he knows only too well. That’s when he started writing the screenplay for “Belfast”.


Scene from the movie "Belfast" Written by Kenneth Branagh.

4 minutes

Kenneth Branagh and Leos Carax want to present their new films “Belfast” and “Annette” live. 4 minutes

Dam Judy Dench as Branag’s grandmother

In the movie, “Outlander” actress Katriona Balfe and Jamie Dornen (“Fifty Shades of Gray”) play Branag’s screen parents. The father travels from England to Belfast to support the family with work in England, so the mother is often alone with her two sons. Judy Dench and Sierra Hindustan play the grandparents of Branagh, a film fanatic who loves to go to the movies and watch western and Hollywood movies. As the danger on Troubles Road increases, Buddy’s parents think more about moving out of Belfast – in fact the Branagh family did it, in fact, when Kenneth was less than ten years old.

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Soundtrack: Van Morrison, also known as Belfast Lion or Belfast Cowboy, is one of the city’s most famous son songs. Kenneth Branagh, born in 1945 in the northern Irish city, describes himself as a “corner boy”, one of the city’s street children, in an interview with NDR Kultur. Van Morrison’s songs and the American records that Branag’s father brought home from overseas travel shaped his childhood, so they are the perfect soundtrack for his film.

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Judy Dench Als "Grandmother"Jude Hill Als "Comrade" And as Ciaran Hinds "Pope" Kenneth Branagil "Belfast" © 2021 Focus Features, LLC.

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