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Orleans is set to host Ireland during the 2023 World Cup

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From two years Rugby World Cup 2023 in France, The center-wall-de-lower region becomes the “host region” with its signature Wednesday, December 1, 2021 23 of the agreement with France, the organizer of the international competition 53 base camps, Orleans wants to be one of the base camps for a tournament nation. Beyond sports, the entire region is lined up to make this event a success.

Center-Wall-de-Lower Base Camp

This 2023 World Cup will be France’s, So even if Orleans, Chartreuse and Tours do not host tournaments, these cities may change Host city, Claude Acher, Managing Director, France 2023, explains.It is a dynamic region with 10,000 licenses and 70 clubs. We have no way of losing this area and we need to find a way to get it into this Rugby World Cup.“As a reminder, Base camps will be the accommodation of qualified teams Rugby World Cup 2023. They will have the following facilities: a hotel, a training ground, a gymnasium, a weight room and a swimming pool.

U.S.A very popular sport in Ireland

That’s it Suitcases can be stored in Ireland for 5 to 6 weeks, This is one of the best teams in the world. It is a recognition and, above all, a blessing to the President of the region, Franസ്ois Bonoi. “We do not have big clubs nationally * but we have a significant number of clubs working to find and teach rugby, and we know it is a very popular sport in Ireland.“Whether in Orléans, Chartres or Tours, the Center-Val-de-Lower region will see an Irish green tide in 2023: the choice now depends on the Irish choice (which will be done by January 2022).

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Muhammad Moule, a local sports advisor, continues to be a popular figure across the region. “After a big match, we’re sure to have a positive impact on licenses and sports membership, especially rugby.“To Stephen Powell, President of the Rugby School at Fleury-less-O’Brien. This effect has already been felt since last year. “We see imitation and a lot of young people. We have already registered 40% for Rugby School this year.As part of that, the Rugby League announces 30% increase in licenses for rugby clubs in France by 2024.

* Charts evolved into Federal 1, Orleans, and Federal 2 tours

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