Organ donation: Northern Ireland accepts presumed consent


The Northern Ireland Assembly on Tuesday, February 8 approved the principle of consensual consent in organ donation. Everyone becomes so For automatic Provider, unless clearly stated. This legislation incorporates Northern Ireland into other parts of the United Kingdom (cf. United Kingdom and Scotland give presumptive consent to organ donation). That fact must be taken into account. ” Royal consent “.

The name of the bill ” The law of Daithi The name comes from a five-year-old boy whose family campaigned to change the law. Health Minister Robin Swann said there was a delay in enforcing the law. Implementation will be possible Awareness campaigns To provide training to the concerned health workers.

In 2012, the presumptive consent was discussed in Northern Ireland. Following a preliminary failure, in 2018 the “Law of the Daity” was introduced. Until now, organ collection was only possible in Northern Ireland. Consent, ” Usually sign up at the NHS Organ Donor Register or talk to family members “Or the decision rests with the family of the deceased.

Last year, 115 people were waiting for a transplant in Northern Ireland. According to the Ministry of Health, 10 to 15 people die each year while waiting for a transplant.

Source: BBC, Jane McCormack (08/02/2022)

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