Oregon Wildfire Saturday: Details, maps, and evacuation information for the state’s largest wildfire

Oregon Wildfire Saturday: Details, maps, and evacuation information for the state's largest wildfire

Wildfires continue across the state, with two fires not coming together until Saturday afternoon. The death toll remained at seven.

Meanwhile, 50 people Continue regardless After the blaze flattened entire areas of the small southern Oregon towns of Phoenix and Talent.

Statewide, wildfires have burned more than a million acres, more than double the annual average over the past 10 years, last week.

Firefighting information and evacuation resources have been compiled for the 10 most important blazes in the state of Oregon / Oregon Live, with the information updated as of Saturday afternoon. To learn more about Blaise by clicking on each fire name to see a map:

Beachy Creek

Location: Santium Gorge east of Salem; South Clacamus County

Size: 186,988 acres

Control: 0%

Reason: Unknown

Exodus resources: Marion County

The fire has not yet been extinguished with a riverside fire in Clacamus County, but officials said Still expect the blouses to combine.

Holiday Farm

Location: East of Eugene-Springfield area

Size: 156,708 acres

Control: 0%

Reason: Unknown

Exodus resources: Lane County; Lynn County

‘S community Blue River Destroyed early Tuesday Holiday farm fire tore west Through the McKenzie River in Lane County and Oregon 126, it destroys forests, homes, and mother-pop shops.

The fire spread to 157,000 acres on Friday, and is now within miles of two of Oregon’s two largest cities, Springfield and Eugene.


Location: 20 miles west of warm springs

Size: 136,346 acres

Container: 5%

Reason: Lightning

Exodus resources: State Dashboard

The blaze started in the Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation, 14 miles west of Warm Springs, and spread to Willamette National Forest and beyond.

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Slater / Devil Fire

Location: Josephine County

Size: 142,000 acres

Control: 0%

Reason: Unknown

Exodus resources: Josephine County

The community and the energy infrastructure of Happy Camp in California are under threat. Evacuation, area, road and sidewalk closure effect.

Fire commanders on Saturday raised concerns about whether the Riverside fire (top and center) in Clacamus County could merge with the Beach Creek and Lionshead fires (lower center).


Location: Near Estacada

Size: 130,052 acres

Control: 0%

Reason: Man

Exodus resources: Clacamus County

With the help of hotshot crews and engines, firefighters continue to fire directly around the community in Estacada. Favorable weather limits the growth of fires seen in the early days of wildfires. However, the situation is very dangerous in the event of an active fire in thousands of acres around and around the fire.

Archie Creek

Location: Northeast of Rosberg

Size: 115,857 acres

Control: 0%

Reason: Under investigation

Exodus resources: Douglas County

The fire is burning in the North Ampqua drainage on the west slope of the Cascades. Firefighters report progress on structural assessments, structure protection, road use, infrastructure energy infrastructure, and fire control.

Wildfire Tracker: View all fires in Oregon and across the country

Two four two

Location: Chilokwin Area

Size: 14,450 acres

Container: 7%

Reason: Unknown

Exodus resources: Inc.Web

Authorities said firefighting intensified overnight in the northwestern part of the blaze.

The. Obenchain

Location: Jackson County

Size: 29,432 acres

Container: 20%

Reason: Under investigation

Exodus resources: Jackson County

Rich Tyler, a spokesman for the Oregon State Fire Marshal, said Friday that fires were raging uncontrollably near rural communities such as Butt Falls and Shady Cove. The exodus continued. The smoke continues to block the use of aircraft to support repression efforts.

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Location: Diamond Lake area

Size: 5,110 acres

Control: 0%

Reason: Unknown

Exodus resources: Douglas County

Ten structures lost in fire, Firefighters say.


Location: Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford Area

Size: 3,200 acres

Container: 50%

Cause: Investigating a fire

Exodus resources: Jackson County

Fifty people remain unaccounted for in the aftermath of the blaze, which flattened entire areas of the small towns of Phoenix and Talent.

Tyler ressed that the number of missing persons will change as officials work to find the number of evictees. Posted by Medford Police: Anyone with information about the location of any of the listed persons, call 541-774-2283. This line will be staffed every evening, and if there is no answer, please leave a message.

– Schmidt, Donald – 55

– Adamson, Theresa Ann – 72

– Laxman, Benjamin – 65

– Russell, Charles “John” – 61 – Found safe

– Vallarta, Debra – 78

– Johnson, James – 92 – Found safe

– Lobdell, Violet – 92

Eco Mountain Complex

Location: Lincoln County

Size: 2,435 acres

Container: 15%

Reason: Under investigation

Exodus resources: Lincoln County

The Echo Mountain Complex remains active despite the low winds. Firefighters monitor the weather and other factors such as relative humidity because they are related to the nature of the fire.

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