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Ordinary People, Summer Phenomena Series: Behind the Curtain of Ireland

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Ireland is the setting for Sally Rooney’s hit novel Normal People’s Television Adaptation, available on Starsplay in France from July 16, 2020.

For 12 episodes, viewers can trace the issue between the handsome and athletic football player Connell and a lonely girl Marianne from their high school years until they enter college.

The Normal People series, produced by the Irish Oscar and BAFTA-winning Element Pictures, was filmed in Sligo and Dublin counties in Ireland in 2019, mainly nominated by Irish creative and production crew and director Lenny Abrahamson and Oscar. The second said: ” It was amazing to direct such an incredible novel, which I love and know so well in my hometown and in this environment.. »

This modern love story unfolds with determination in the context of historical capital Dublin Beautiful views of the west coast of County Sligo Wild Atlantic Way .

Dublin scenes were filmed in real places like bars, cafes and streets. Most of the story takes place at Trinity College, where Marianne and Connell go on to star as Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Meskel.

Trinity College
Trinity College
Trinity College

Trinity College has some of the finest pieces of Irish heritage, including the Book of Kells, the world’s most famous medieval manuscript. This prestigious university is hosted by some of Ireland’s greatest writers, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde. Ordinary people Among the former students are Lenny Abrahamson, Sally Rooney and Paul Meskel. Producer Catherine Maggie says: Trinity is really a big part of this show, it’s almost like a character. »

UNESCO Literary City, Dublin is a book lover’s paradise, home to some of the world’s most famous writers. Actress Daisy Edgar-Jones describes how this literary legacy lives on in the vibrant nightlife and pubs of Dublin at night: “The social aspect of Dublin needs to be explored. We were walking around Dublin when someone pointed to a pub and said: ‘ Oh, Jonathan Swift is gone ”or James Joyce, WB Yates… This is amazing! »

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The scenes filmed in County Sligo show Streedog Beach and Ben Balben, which provide a dramatic backdrop to this part of the Wild Atlantic Way. It was this environment that inspired the work of the poet William Butler Yeats. In County Sligo, Daisy first describes: “ When you get to this place and see Ben Balbane from a distance, it’s a comforting experience. »

Streedog Beach
Streedog Beach
Ben Balben
Ben Balben

The scenes were shot in Carricklia, an imaginary town in Sligo County, in the beautiful town of Tubercuri below the Oaks Mountains, with Brennan’s Bar in the center of the action. Lenny explains how important it is to present an authentic Irish pub in this series: “ We filmed in this absolutely beautiful pub run by a brother and sister, and it was really magical. Going to an authentic Irish pub was a special experience. We’re happy to see it on screen. »

Ordinary people will be available at Starsplay in France from July 16, 2020. Check out the video behind the scenes for the Ireland series:

Find out more about filming locations Here

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