Optical Illusion: iPhone is placed in front of the carpet in this picture, find it in 10 seconds…

Optical Illusion: iPhone is placed in front of the carpet in this picture, find it in 10 seconds...

Optical Illusion: Optical illusions are mind-blowing images that help enhance the observational capabilities of the human brain. There are different types of optical illusions that are cognitive, psychological and physical.

In addition, optical illusions help scientists understand how our brain works when we talk about pictures. Here is one such optical illusion that will test your observation skills.

See the iPhone on the carpet?

Apple recently unveiled the new version of the iPhone 14 at a mega launch event called Far Out on September 7, 2022 at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

That’s why we thought of sharing with you an optical illusion challenge with the theme of finding an iPhone. Look at the picture just once.

In this viral optical illusion photo shared by Filipino woman Gia Mae Cruz, you can see a carpet designed with flowers and a small white table on the floor. Jaya says that she can’t sleep so she decides to play a game where she finds the iPhone on the carpet.

It takes an expert to figure it out

This game is today’s optical illusion challenge where you have to find the iPhone within 10 seconds. Take a good look at the picture, the iPhone is cleverly hidden inside the carpet and the optical illusion challenge takers nodded.

We understand that it can be difficult to spot an iPhone at a glance. Have you found a hidden iPhone yet? If we don’t have a clue for you, it’s not on the left side of the picture.

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This guide will help you find it. We assume that some of you have seen the iPhone at some point. And there will still be people looking for a phone. Don’t worry, we have a solution.

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