Optical funds of the patron of Anticore

Optical funds of the patron of Anticore

The Anticore Association may have good reasons for not wanting to apply the clarity demanded by others to its own funds. The renewal of the approval, which allows for legal action in political and economic matters, has been suspended from the Prime Minister’s decision, which was expected in early April. However, the transparency of its resources is one of the exact criteria required, and the leaders of this anti-corruption NGO refuse to disclose the identity of their patron.

Crucially, the issue has led to a number of questions: from Bruno Questal, deputy (LRM) deputy parliamentary committee on justice last year, who was surprised by this opacity; Anticore administrators outraged by these secrets; And J.D.D. For several weeks – all unanswered. In front of members of parliament, the association’s president’s attorney, Elise van Beneden, swore: “I do not know the identity of our donors,” before seeking refuge behind the honor of their anonymity. However, several documents allow us to establish that this sympathy for Anticore, who paid നൽകിയ 64,000 in 2020 alone, was not known to all its officials – some have agreed to reveal his identity to us (we chose not to publish it and could not get an answer from him despite our requests).

A holding company in Singapore

At the age of 64, this mathematician and businessman, known as a champion at Bridge, was rich in risk analysis of derivative products, portfolio management and financial software recognition and trading. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Sofis, the region’s headquarters, he was sold in 2007 for 300 300 million. He founded at least nine companies in France, including SCIs and two software publishers, and remained active in the business.

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He owns the world-famous Rose de Provence vineyard and in 2019 sold his shares to luxury group LVMH. Made more prudent investments in countries with qualitative tax regimes through a number of structures in the form. Of nesting dolls. Thus, Holding Alix AM PTE Limited is registered in Singapore and Alex Venture SARL is based in Luxembourg. The sole beneficiary of these structures appears to be Anticore’s contributor to the documents from the Autorite des Marcs Financiers (AMF) indicating the capital increase of a biotech company in which the holding company participated, which by the end of 2020 was owned and regulated by a company under Dutch control.

Did the Anticore executives know about these financial activities? This would be a paradox because, since its inception, the association has made tax optimization one of its war horses, and as long as it qualifies for this method – legally – it is “intolerant fraud”. When asked about Europe 1 last year, Ellis van Beneden “strongly condemned companies that had their head offices in tax havens and transferred the profits of their subsidiaries to these countries, paying very little tax to avoid payment in France, diverting revenues as a result.” They blamed the Netherlands and their “extremely beneficial tax laws” – the beneficiary of Anticore, as we saw there, one of his companies.

Anonymous donations closed

The person concerned is not free from contradictions. In a recent (public) exchange on the social network LinkedIn, he denounced “Macron’s policy” against the Kovid-19 epidemic and predicted disaster for the economy. Quiet speeches “.

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Asked Friday at these points J.D.D., Anticore President escapes by assuring that he was not in an official position at the time of the donor’s first payment and that he was not “investigating” the association’s support – “We are not DGSI …” Note the arrival of donations from unknown descendants Anticore Treasurer Erich Etiel was then President Magistrates in February 2020. The second replied: “I think we can accept this moment based on his word […] If personal contact is uncertain there will always be time to return to us. “

Following her instructions, the treasurer insisted that the money be from one person and not from another. Domestic exchanges with NGOs attest to the generous donor ownership of companies in “Ireland or Luxembourg” that made leaders reluctant to inform the board of directors about this unexpected windfall. “The question is: if I win the lotto jackpot and decide to donate 5,000 euros a month to Anticore, is this reprehensible in the eyes of transparency? I want to remain anonymous, but it’s a decent right …”

However, since February 20, Anticore has adopted a law to pay anonymous donations and annual payments from the same person.

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