Oppo and Ruta third in rowing: Sardinia on the podium at the Olympics

Oppo and Ruta third in rowing: Sardinia on the podium at the Olympics
Tokyo has Stefano Oppo on the right and Pietro Ruda on the left

Bronze in the doubles lightweight, the Oristano area won the island medal at the Games after 57 years. The girls Caesarini and Rodini take gold in the same specialty. Paltinieri Super Silver in Swimming

Tokyo. Stefano Oppo rides on the podium of the Olympics with Pietro Ruta. The lightweight twins kept their promises by finishing third and winning bronze at the Olympics. Sardinia’s medal haul in the game 57 years after the mighty Oristano Rover, a historic result, is the result of the victories of boxers Fernando At‌sori and Knight Paulo Angioni at the 1964 other Japanese Olympics.

Oppo “rewards” Ruda on the Tokyo podium

Oppo, 27, and Ruta (34), who have been at the forefront of the specialty for years, had a great run. Victory went to the most beloved Ireland. As the Irish played a great match, the Azzurri kept the momentum going for Germany in second place, and then in the final they controlled the return of the Czech Republic to the medal.

This is the arrival) Uruguay 6’24 “21. Three world silver and one European gold added Olympic bronze in the honorable date of the shining Oppo-Ruda pair.

Soon after finishing third in the rowing regatta field with a comrade from Como, Oristano, Italy’s second gold medal arrived. Thanks to Valentina Rodini and Federica Cesarini, the women’s lightweight pair won it. The Netherlands, which had led to a few bars from the end, literally parted ways, giving the blue the green light and allowing France to pass, then decided to race at the photofinish.

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Italy is the second gold medalist in the Olympics after Vito del Aquila in Taekwondo. Extraordinary success with the addition of shiny silver in Italian night swimsuits thanks to Super Greg Paltrinary at 800 Free Stall. Paltinieri recovered from a viral infection, his mononucleosis weakened, and no one thought to fight for the podium.

Instead, after capturing the last useful position in qualifying, the blue finish led the race almost consecutively, beating American Finke and finishing second in the final 50 meters, overtaking the Ukrainian Romanchak.

In the medal table, Italy adds three medals to its tally, including 2 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze.

It should be noted that on the beautiful day of Sardinia, the great victory of volleyball, Alessia Orro, overcame Argentina, 3-0. (Enrico Gaviano)

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