‘Open title race?’ At this point the Premier League tables are being compared

'Open title race?'  At this point the Premier League tables are being compared

“An open race? I have no problem with that. That’s absolutely good. ”

Jurgen Klopp is in a ding-dong battle for the Premier League title. He claims Eight teams have a chance, but have ruled out the possibility Liverpool broke records This time. He – like many of us – hopes the busy fixture list will reflect a bunch of Premier League players. How does the table at this stage compare with previous years? Thanks to the best www.11v11.com For tables.


Eight points currently separate Leicester from first and Leeds from 15th in the Premier League. The gap between first and second Liverpool and Manchester City at this point last season was similar.

The win in the top six this weekend will put them at the top of the table and their first win for Manchester United at Old Trafford will move the country’s 14th best team into the first half – isn’t it? Good?

Even at this early stage, the bottom five are in real danger of being cut.


It had the same eight-point pace between 15 places as it did this season, from City in second place to Newcastle on the 16th.

With that logic (yes, logic) we can expect Leicester to win the title as Man City were ahead of third place last season. Congratulations foxes – you will claim the title with 15 points.

Pep Guardiola’s side is something of a fake point saver (which means there was no real sense in the course of eight games.

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In short, the City will always be out of pocket; Lester is unlikely to do this.


The top five remained in the top five but in a different order, City led Liverpool to the title with one point. Certainly a title race, but not an open one: Chelsea are third, 25 points behind Liverpool, despite being level at this point.


More absurd goal scoring from Man City to start a season, in which the top three remained. City cruised to it, indicating seven wins and a draw from the first eight.

West Brom finished 10th at the bottom of the table. Look, Pep.


Again, the top five teams finished but places changed. Chelsea put in a strong performance under Antonio Conte on March 12.

There is no bigger gap than two points between the two nearest teams: a properly crowded list, which surprised the winner. Offers.


The 2015-16 list is probably one that can be compared to 2020-21, which is very well boarded.

Leaders were at 18 points, with the majority of teams with relatively small points (10 to 17). Delicious rush.

This was, of course, the season when the Premier League rulebook was glorified. So the question is: Who will be Leicester this time??

I’m ready to paste a quid in Southampton.

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