Open-air Schönach: Band Wombats attracts many fans in Schönachter Kurpark – St. Georg, Triburg & surroundings

Open-air Schönach: Band Wombats attracts many fans in Schönachter Kurpark - St. Georg, Triburg & surroundings

Ralph Scheider (left) never fails to surprise, this time with English legend Elton John on piano. Other band members of the “Wombats” such as Tino Schneider and Rebecca Peschke also give their all. Photo: Commercial

Even after an enforced hiatus of two years, local band “Wombats” continue to inspire visitors from near and far with their music.

Schönach – After a two-year forced hiatus, the “Wombats” of Schönach are once again invited to an open-air concert. The 22nd edition rises in the 33rd year of the Schonach cult band. A bit of a festive character came through the pre-act. The evening was opened by singer and guitarist Alphonse “Fonsi” Schönwetter from Wörthsee, Bavaria.

In 2013, “Fonzie” was a guest at “Wombats” Open Air with his band and delighted the audience with 60’s beat and rock-n’roll. For years, Fonsi was an “ultra fan”, this time he was accompanied by his wife and children, son Leopold “Poldy”, although his music was a little loud, he wore hearing protection, but the stage always fascinated him. “Fonzie” played mostly solo, but sometimes with Wombat guitarist Wolfgang Schlein, great ballads, but he also loved great country titles.

Listeners from near and far flock to the live concert

One is always amazed that Schonach “Wombats” can rally fans of all ages. There are children and young people who like “medieval”, or sing and dance to the sounds of the band. They love to do a beautiful Irish dance to the music of “Wombats”. Then, as darkness fell, the seats in front of the completely renovated stage filled up. The weather was a bit of a concern at first, but apart from a chilly evening that started early, remained dry.

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Music delights fans even at night

Because now they finally came, the old “Shorleband” with their unmistakable sound, it has a proper strong drive that gives their pieces their own touch. Ireland started back on the “roots”. It also includes Rebecca Peschke, who has an electronic “fiddle” that not only spins around the stage, but also likes to interact with the audience thanks to its radio connection to the amplifiers.

Audience in general: A large part of the hundreds of visitors come not only from Schönach, but from near and far. They all encouraged great musicians. It was sung, danced and clapped regardless of whether it was Irish folk rock or later “hard rock” a la Queen or Pink Floyd, but then the group interpreted it in their own way.

The promising slogan is “Wombats meets Elton John.”

The audience got behind the band again. Although it was cold towards midnight, no one thought of going home, and a little movement to the music kept us cool enough. Once again, the Schoenacher group provided great and spirited entertainment with their own songs until the early hours of the morning.

This year’s promising slogan was “Wombats meets Elton John.” As is often the case, the band members delighted their audience with an additional guest. “We’re delighted to be able to offer you Elton John this year,” Shail marveled. Accompanied by a well-known Englishman on the piano in the person of Ralph “Steckle” Schneider, in matching attire, the cult band played selected songs of the musical legend – as usual in a very special way and of course live.

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