‘Only the bones are left on the floor,’ says the woman who walked past Mariupol

‘Only the bones are left on the floor,’ says the woman who walked past Mariupol

Svetlana Kuriach and her family arrived in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, today (19) after being attacked by Russian troops in a populated area of ​​the southeastern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol.

From the first days of the invasion, the Russian army bombed Mariupol, making it difficult for civilians to obtain it. Leave the city. Already Zaporozhye suffered its first bombing this week.

These cities are about 200 km apart. It may now take up to three days to complete the three-hour journey. On the way to Zaporozhye, several checkpoints set up by the Russian army are blocking the free passage of Mariupol residents.

“We live in a residential area in Mariupol. We were bombed with planes and rocket launchers. My house was destroyed,” he said. Svetlana When Kuryacha manages to escape from his city.

According to her, a man was shot and his body was dumped on the ground. “The dogs ate his body and no one went to pick up his body,” he said. They claim that the Russians are attacking human settlements. “Tanks and soldiers are on the streets,” he says.

Tuesday (15) a The bombing of a theater that served as a refuge for civilians in Mariupol, The condition of the injured person is serious. The city is considered strategic by Russia because it has a major port in western Ukraine.

For example, with the capture of the city by the Russians, the army led by Vladimir Putin was able to unload more supplies and troops for his troops by sea.

Basement for 14 days

Svetlana also reported that she stayed with her family for 14 days in the basement of her home. “We heard a house was knocked down near where we were staying and we went to help. This house was inhabited by elderly people and we were not allowed to kill them in the fire,” he says.

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For Svetlana’s daughter, Christina Cherkess, Russia has “taken” the population of Mariupol. “Because if there are no civilians, it will be more difficult for the Russian army to confront the Ukrainian army, they are motivated in their own territory,” he explained.

All the people who lived opposite me were burned. Now only your bones are left on the floor
Svetlana Kuryacha

They speak Russian, and Svetlana was born in Russia. “Putin is killing Russian-speaking people and destroying Russian-speaking cities, including Mariupol, Kharkiv and Kiev. [capital ucraniana]”, Sharp.

* Collaborated with Ana Pola Bimbati from UOL in Sao Paulo

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