Only a few people can solve the puzzle in record time – teach me about science

Only a few people can solve the puzzle in record time - teach me about science
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He is part of a small percentage of users who can solve a puzzle in less than 10 seconds.

Currently the Riddles They are one of the most popular phenomena in virtual entertainment. Users rate puzzles as a fun, satisfying and emotionally stimulating alternative. This preference allows them to stand out on the web and quickly become a trend on social networks like Facebook.

Given that today’s challenge can be difficult to understand and interpret, we recommend that you clear your mind and focus only on the illustration.

What is a viral puzzle?

Examine each part of the picture and the elements that make it up, and use logic to analyze the possibilities, understand the meaning, and draw conclusions.

The film shows four prisoners on different steps, with a guard offering them a chance to be released, but by solving a visual challenge.

The challenge is to answer which prisoner first knows the color of his hat. Make your assumptions based on the following rules: they are not allowed to move an inch, their hats take very little, and they know that two of them have white hats and the other two have black hats. Note the position of each.

What makes this challenge even more complicated is the time limit, which only you have 10 seconds So try to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.

Photo: Escape60
Photo: Escape60

Do you need a hint?

This time we are not giving you any clues, however we will give you some advice:

He avoids the fourth because he cannot make eye contact with others.

Have you been able to think and imagine different solutions? If so, check your results below.

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Solution for visual puzzles

As we mentioned earlier, prisoner number four is omitted. Following this logic, prisoner number one could observe numbers two and three, but he noticed that they had different colors, so he did not know which of the two colors he would get.

Prisoner Two interprets the silence of a prisoner, realizing that if he does not speak it must have different hats in front of him. Number two knows he has a black hat in front of him, so he must be white.

Photo: Escape60
Photo: Escape60

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