One of the most popular pain pills causes dangerous behavior

One of the most popular pain pills causes dangerous behavior

A study proving One of the most used painkillers in the world increases risk-taking behavior in humans. Specifically, the effect Paracetamol In the body, in addition to reducing the sensation of pain, it also affects various mental processes, reducing the person’s receptivity to grief, reducing compassion, and slowing down cognitive functions.

Paracetamol seems to reduce negative emotions in people when thinking about risky behaviors – they feel less fearful. As nearly 25% of the American population takes paracetamol every week, both the reduction in risk and the increase in risk can have significant societal implications.

In an experiment with 500 university students, half were given 1,000 mg of paracetamol and the other half a placebo to act as a control group. They were then asked to inflate a virtual balloon without popping it, and each filling earned them virtual money.

The results showed that those who took paracetamol took greater risks than the more conservative control group, and were more likely to burst the balloon than others.

If you don’t like risk, you sometimes decide to inflate it and take the money so it doesn’t blow up and you lose it. But we think that when those who took paracetamol inflated the balloon, they had less anxiety and negative feelings about how big the balloon got and the risk of it bursting.

Participants were also asked to complete questionnaires with hypothetical scenarios such as betting on a sport, bungee jumping from a bridge, and driving a car without a seat belt. The researchers concluded that there was a direct link between paracetamol intake and risk-taking behaviour. They emphasize that further study of the biological mechanisms responsible for the outcome of people’s choices is needed in such contexts.

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Despite the seriousness of the effects, paracetamol is one of the most popular pills in the world.

The research was published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

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