One of the first billionaires to take on remote work plans to turn his workers into “human computers”.

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3 May 2021 22:59 G.M.T.

SW Capital managers claim in an electronic letter that Joe Liamdt claims that “most jobs are poorly designed and properly designed” and that every employee is asked to redirect them until the digital assembly chain becomes an effective link.

Joe Leamond, the founder of the investor who specializes in software companies ESW Capital, intends to subject his employees’ tasks to some precise algorithm and thus create an assembly line equivalent to the digital age.

In an electronic letter sent in March to company managers Quoted The businessman who wrote to Forbes last Tuesday said, “Most jobs are badly thought out and poorly designed”, so they are not just “a hodgepodge of skills and actions”. To improve performance, he asked managers to create multiple work units that handle small and repetitive tasks.

The ultimate goal of the move is to turn workers into “algorithms”, “human processors or CPs”, the magazine claims, citing company managers.

ESW Capital was the first company to hire remote workers, largely from poor countries, to cut costs, valued at about $ 3 billion. Entry-level computer engineers are paid around $ 2,500 an hour, with a salary of $ 15 an hour. In addition to not having full-time job benefits or protections, they are forced to work on their own computers with special ‘software’ that spies on their activities and takes screenshots and photos from the webcam.

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