One dose for as many people as possible. The US is thinking about it

One dose for as many people as possible.  The US is thinking about it

Vaccines, It is better to give the first dose and the second dose after 3 or 4 weeks, so to protect people more effectively, or to vaccinate as many people as possible with the first dose instead, thus settling for the lowest dose, and then injecting the second after 12 weeks? Demand is soaring between the UK and the US where the epidemic persists, and hospitals are their last resort, with the death toll so high.

UK as soon as the vaccine is approved AstraZeneca It joins Pfizer-Biotech and decided to change the strategy: we are in an emergency, the first dose for as many people as possible, the second in four months. The UK Joint Vaccination and Immunization Committee (JCVI) recommends that “as many people as possible should be vaccinated on a regular basis as a top priority.” ‘The second dose of Pfizer / Biotech vaccine can be given 3 to 12 weeks after the first dose, and the second dose of the AstraZeneca (Oxford) vaccine can be given 4 to 12 weeks after the first dose.’

The UK Government website states: “Four UK Chief Medical Officers agree with JCVI that it is important to vaccinate as many people as possible on the priority list at this stage of the epidemic. It will have the greatest impact on reducing the number of people at risk as soon as possible, reducing mortality, serious illness and hospitalization, and protecting the NHS and equivalent health services. Functionally this means that the second dose of both vaccines will be given at the end of the 12 week vaccine dosing schedule. This will increase the number of people receiving the vaccine, so protection will be available within the next 12 weeks.

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In the United States, where immunization is becoming obsolete, super expert Anthony Fucci has opened up to such a change of strategy, but the debate is still ongoing.

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