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Once upon a time at Disney 2: Patrick Dempsey would sing in its sequel! – Movie News

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In an interview with Variety, Patrick Dempsey reveals that he will be providing the voice on Once Upon a Time 2.

Did you want to hear the voice of Patrick Dempsey? Once Upon a Time 2 is the sequel to the Disney musical starring Princess Gisele (Amy Adams). In an interview Variety, Reveals he will sing in second opus:

“This is my first time. For good reason I have never performed in front of people. So I ask for your enjoyment. But they did everything to make it a success, and I hope the fans like it. The lyrics are funny and the musical numbers have a great choreography “.

So you can hear Amy Adams, James Marsden and Idina Mensal singing on Once Upon a Time 2. This sequel, started by Disney +, takes place 10 years after the events of the first film.

Summary If we believe, in the animated world and the real world, Princess Giselle will accidentally disrupt everyone’s daily life. Dempsey presents this new feature film as a “mid-life crisis” as all the actors meet after 14 years and explain the purpose.

It’s ridiculous, it was important to the team. This is not a classic Disney movie […] But we pay tribute to all the Disney movies that have been there before.. Filming for Once Upon a Time 2 will take place in Ireland this summer. The streaming platform has not yet put forward a release date.

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