October 20, 2022 Meet our Theater Makers Center Cultural Irish in Paris.

Meet our Theater Makers Thursday, October 20 at 7:30 p.m., Center Cultural Irishise
Free admission, reservations recommended
Our four award winners tell us about the challenges and satisfactions they experience in their theater careers.

Center Cultural Irlandais 5 rue des irlandais 75005 Paris Paris 75005 Paris Île-de-France Monday to Sunday 2pm to 6pm (Wednesday to 8pm)
0158521030 http://www.centreculturelirlandais.com/ https://twitter.com/cc_irlandais;https://www.facebook.com/ccirlandais/ Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, Center Cultural Ireland aims to represent Promote Irish culture in France. The center showcases the work of contemporary Irish artists, supports Franco-Irish relations and their rich cultural heritage, and hosts a vibrant and creative community of residents.

This October, we welcome four young women and theater workers from Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Portugal to the residence. In Paris, they will develop their artistic experience and develop their professional network with other European countries and the French scene. Created at the initiative of the CCI, this extraordinary residence is the result of a collaboration between four Paris-based cultural centers and their National Theatre.

The winners will talk to us this evening about the challenges and satisfactions they experience in their theater practices: drama, staging, scenography, interpretation… plus:
_ Presented by Danai Iliopoulou, Hellenic Cultural Center
_ Presented by John O’Donovan, CCI and Abbey Theater (Dublin).
_ Presented by Ugnė Tamuliūnaitė, Lithuanian Cultural Institute, Vilnius International Theater Festival Sirenos, Vsi Teatro informasi centras (Vilnius).
_ Isabel Costa, Camos – Centro Cultural Portuguese m Paris and presented by Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II (Lisbon)

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