On this Hellscape lava planet, the rock is raining and the wind is supersonic

On this Hellscape lava planet, the rock is raining and the wind is supersonic

Exoplanet K2-141b resides in orbit close to its star, making it a wild and uninhabitable place.

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If you ever want to be more grateful to Earth, think of some terrifying exoplanets hidden outside our solar system. Take, for example, the nightmare “lava planet” K2-141b, where the rock falls.

A team of researchers led by a doctoral student from York University Mars Jiang Guin Computer simulations were used to predict extreme conditions and weather conditions on the planet. K2-141b has the misfortune of being attached to its host star. Since this is also oriented, two-thirds of the planet will be locked into the glowing hot permanent light, while the dark side will remain cold.

Published by Scientists a Study K2-141b in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The Exoplanet can host an ocean of magma reaching depths of 62 miles (100 km), while supersonic winds of more than 3,100 miles per hour (5,000 km / h) blow over its surface.

“All rocky planets, including Earth, began as molten worlds but then quickly cooled and solidified. At this stage of planetary evolution, lava planets give us a rare view,” planet scientist Nicholas Cowan said in a statement from McGill University on Tuesday.

Computer simulations indicate that K2-141b is raining on rocks. “In K2-141b, supersonic winds and precipitation of rocks return to a magma ocean at night, the mineral vapor formed by evaporated rock,” the university said.

Researchers hope that the next generation of binoculars will be liked NASA’s late James Webb Space Telescope You can get to know Exoplanet better and tell us if computer simulations are accurate.

K2-141b Although half of what they think is hell is enough if you want to embrace the earth, never let go.

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