On this external media you can store games on Sony PS5 console

On this external media you can store games on Sony PS5 console

According to the latest news, Sony in Japan is working on an update that will allow gamers to store games for the PS5 console in a specific external environment, to reduce the lack of storage space on the console’s internal SSD.

Sony is offering the first major system update for the PS5 since the launch of this console. This is a very useful update if you run out of integrated storage space on the SSD. Game console.

An update launched on April 14th will come with some new features, especially the ability to store PS5 games on USB drives. You can’t play games the same way you play PS4 games on these USB drives on the Sony PS5, which is why Sony says USB drives are not fast enough.

But instead of downloading those games from the net or burning a DVD, it is enough to reinstall the USB drives. It is not yet known when the M2 SSD storage extension will be available on the PS5 console.

Future updates will also be allowed for gamers PlayStation To play online with PS4 gamers 5. A PS4 gamer can see your screen PlayStation 5, for example.

Additionally, some gaming sessions will appear on the PS4 and Sony PS5 consoles. Meanwhile, the application PlayStation The app is just a few weeks away from an update that allows you to join Sony PS5 multiplayer sessions, compare trophies and filter games PlayStation Store.

This update will not resolve complaints from all users, especially those who are currently forced to remove games from the Sony console SSD PlayStation 5. It may take some time.

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However, with Sony running, inadequate storage will no longer be an issue. This is because you can store games from the PS5 console on USB drives.

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