On the menu for the next few days: this Friday, Toulouse-Po, Mont-de-Merson-Montauban – Sunday, Ireland-France, Byron-Brive-Monday, Biarritz-Provence

On the menu for the next few days: this Friday, Toulouse-Po, Mont-de-Merson-Montauban - Sunday, Ireland-France, Byron-Brive-Monday, Biarritz-Provence

In the top 14, the faction will seek an exploit in the Paulo Pink City, while the Koreans must be let down to revive the environmental bionez. The Blues, one of the favorites of the 6 Nations tournament, will pass a big test. In Pro D2, BOPB has the opportunity to return to the level of the leading pair, while Stade Montoise aims to move away from the red zone.

Talus-Po: To create a surprise, without complications

Friday, February 12 at 8:45 pm (Canal + Sport)

The Section Palois, After the victory in Lyon, it is hoped that the weak leader will get another setback as there are not many internationals and injured executives. Without pressure, they should also seize a small opportunity to surprise Toulouse in the declared rain.

Go to Bordeaux (March 6) with the reception of the Toulon (February 20) before leaving. A trip to Castres (March 27) and a Bayonne reception for the derby (April 17) will follow; Then trips to Stade Franchise (April 24) and Agen (May 8); Reception of racing (May 15), expedition to La Rochelle (May 29), reception of Montpellier to end regular season (June 5).

The staff generally believed in Lyon’s winners. We note that the owners of Philip and Septor and Tuimaba returned to the bench. Dubbagna is left to stand.

Starting XV : Mog – Septoar, Manu, Watubua, Vote – (o) Hastoi, (M) Marks – Eugena, Whitelock, Erbani – Philip, Mets – Corato, Lespiak (hat), Physihoi

Substitutes : Ray, Carls, Ramsay, Gunther, Le Bale, Debes, Tuimaba, Adrianിയse

Stade Toulouse lost 9 key players: Antoine DuPont, Cyril Bailey, Dorian Aldegeri, Julian Marchand, Pito Mavaca, 16th of France; Roman Ntomac, Lucas Tucin, Thomas Ramos and Franois Cross were hospitalized.

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Starting XV : Colbe – Hugget, Guitar, Aki, Label – (o) Holmes, (M) Balas – Placins, Michael, Elstad – Mifou, Ro. Arnold – Fomuna, g. Marchand, Cassettes

Substitutes : Kramont, forehead, tequila, r. Arnold, Kaino, Jermaine, Modard, Ainu’U

Bion-Brave: Courageously regaining control

Sunday, February 14 at 7:05 pm (Rugby +)

L ‘Bayonne Rowing After a bad series of obstacles created by Kovid, the path to success must surely be found. Despite the cascade of injuries, he must find in his mind and courage the resources needed to get out of the awkward position of the barricade.

Yannick BRU Castress will have to do without all the injured Romain Barthelemy (shoulder), Maxim Lafage (chances), Gothen Germain (addicts) and Ugo Boniface (foot).

After this stressful match, two trips to Clermont (February 20), Ta Tou Lone (February 26), Lyon (March 6) and Racing (March 27) will follow, followed by Poe’s Derby Revenge (April 17). For Home Stretch: Receptions in Castres (April 24) and Bordeaux (May 8), followed by two trips to Toulouse (May 15) and Montpellier (May 29), receiving the Stade Franchise (June 5) before the end of the regular season.

16th day of the Top 14

Friday, February 12th : Talus-Po (8:45 pm, Canal + Sport)

Saturday, February 13th : Bordeaux-Stated Franchise (2:45 pm, Canal +); Racing-Lyon, Castras-Montpellier (5pm, Rugby +); Tollon-La Rochelle (9:05 pm, Canal +)

Sunday, February 14th : Bayonne-Brive (7:05 pm, Rugby +)

Postponed : Agent-Clermont

Top 14 rankings

Two clubs escaped in a match to qualify directly for the semi-finals. Six more are vying for the final, and five are vying to avoid elimination play-offs. Agent to Pro D2 is almost destroyed.

  • Direct qualifiers for the semi-finals: Tallouss (52, 1 less), La Rochelle (50, 1 less)
  • Qualifying for the playoffs: Racing (50), Clermont (45), Bordeaux (43), Tollon (43, 1 less play)
  • Ranking midfielder: Stade Frankis (39, one match short), Lyon (39), Brive (34), Castras (33), Go (30), Montpellier (27)
  • Assignment: Bayonne (22, 2 matches less), Agent (2, 1 match less)
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Ireland-France: With the goal of the crown

Sunday, February 14 at 4 pm (France 2)

After their great victory in Italy (10-50), the Blues will win a serious test against Clover’s XV. The winner will take one first option to win the historic 6 Nations Tournament, behind closed doors. The narrow Irish in Wales remain an Irish favorite, while the English who fell in the house of the Scots seem to be the tone below.

For this match, Fabian Galtic, who has a few exceptions, mainly related to the weather, should mainly trust the same group. There is a question about a start on the wings of Gerzois de Castras, Jelonje and Clermontois Penard in the third row. Answer this Friday.

The other three matches of the Blues

  • Sunday, February 28: France-Scotland (4pm)
  • Saturday, March 13: England-France (5.45pm)
  • Saturday, March 20: France-Wales (9pm)

Mont-de-Merson-Montauban: Take some more air

Friday, February 12 at 7 p.m.

The Stade Montois He needs to take advantage of this new game at home to get out of the red zone and strengthen his mind to face the rest of this complicated season. He will continue with a trip to Valencia (February 19), a reception in Carcassonne (February 26), a trip to Vaness (March 5) and a reception in Grenoble (March 12).

The staff made some changes, mainly for injuries or suspensions. At the front, a Castellian pillar is placed in place of the laval, and the second row is placed in place of the Cedaro Durand. In the back, De Nardy, Torfs and Collie. Note the first meeting of Matio Lalane (19 years old), a young columnist from Mugron.

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Start XV: Los-Aspias – de Nardi, Wakaya, Torfs, Naituvi – (o) Bell – (M) Collie – Montagner, Murova, Lisena – Cedaro, Ray – Castinal, Laterrad, Innocent.

Substitutes : David, Museo, Vos, Bretas, Lustalot, Gonova, Duprath, Lalan.

19th day of Pro D2

The Biarritz match was postponed to Monday. Basque should score as many points as he can to get closer to Vanas and Perpignan. To be followed: a trip to Carcassonne (February 19), a visit to Grenoble (February 26), a trip to Valencia (March 5), and a reception at Oyonax (March 12). The final stage is the decisive series.

Thursday, February 11: Onyx-member ()

Friday, February 12th : Mont-de-Merson-Montauban, Orilac-Vanes, Beziers-Valens, Perpignan-Carcassonne, Rune-Colomiers (19th)

Saturday, February 13th : Never-Grenoble (6:45 pm)

Monday, February 14th : Biarritz-Provence (8:45 pm, Canal + Decala)

Pro D2 ranking

Pro D2 is divided into 4 groups. First, Perpignan, Vanas, and Biarritz took the lead. The top four teams follow up for the final. 4 teams remain in dispute to try to qualify. Finally, 5 teams are battling for repairs, although 2 games late Mont-de-Merson can be expected to take some air.

  • Direct qualifiers for the semi-finals: Vanas (64), Perpignan (63)
  • Eligibility for dams: Biarritz (59), Never (49), Oyonax (48), Colomiers (45)
  • Ranking Medium: Grenoble (39), Provence (38), Orilack (36), Montauban (35), Carcassonne (34), Beziers (32), Mont-de-Merson (28, 1 less), Rune (28)
  • Assigned by: Valens Romans (27, 1 game less), Angolym (20)

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