On the eve of its thirtieth anniversary, the Guingamp-Shannon twins shape its future – Guingamp

On the eve of its thirtieth anniversary, the Guingamp-Shannon twins shape its future - Guingamp

How did this year go?

Instead of being original, the health status was hung on a dual committee. So this is the lowest year. The health improvement enabled us to start English classes in January. Responding to the expectation of a social bond and ensuring that the association does not disappear from the radar is a dual-purpose recovery. It completed the mission.

On the financial side?

Exit the long-awaited Irish evening and St.-Patrick’s Day by the end of 2020, with traders from Gingamp. We hope to see them again soon. Thanks to the results of the work of the past years and the prudent management, the Committee has the means to consider new projects and finally welcome our competitors from Shannon.

You were talking about the deaths of the founding members in the Shannon area last year. Does it weigh on exchanges?

The peculiarity is that there is no connection in Shannon. This is a group of friends who manage exchanges. The committee wants to define a better relationship and way of working with them. For that, a mission needs to go to Shannon in the fall. Yves Guichard’s intervention helped to realize that realistic projects could be carried out between the Gulf countries. If Brexit closes some doors, the doors of Ireland are open, it is up to us to know how to make the best use of it.


The committee will meet on September 4 at the Forum des Associations. The resumption of English classes in mid-September and the Irish evening on November 20 in Pabu.

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