On Russian television, an MP suggests kidnapping Western officials traveling to Kyiv

On Russian television, an MP suggests kidnapping Western officials traveling to Kyiv

Oleg Morozov, a Russian deputy who is close to Vladimir Putin, believes that any NATO official who wants to go hand in hand should “think about the possibility of waking up in Moscow.”

This is a “fairy tale scene” for him. Russian politician Oleg Morozov told state television that he dreamed of being kidnapped by Russia on his way to Kiev to bring Western leaders to Moscow.

“I imagined the scene of a fairy tale: at some point in the near future, a military officer from a NATO country will take a train to Kiev to see Volodymyr Selensky, who will never get there,” says Oleg Morozov. On the contrary, he will wake up somewhere in Moscow, “he added.

“Must try in Moscow”

A sentence that caused the smiles of others on the set, including the presenter Olga Skabeva, Vladimir Putin’s consistent support for foreign policy. The second question is whether the Russians carried out the kidnapping of Western leaders. Oleg Morozov must answer: “Yes, we will determine what orders he gave and what was responsible”.

When another guest paradoxically stated that some Western leaders were actually “dreaming of waking up in Moscow”, Oleg Morozov suggested that they be brought to Russia to be “tested”.

“By the way, I do not think it’s that far away [fĂ©vrier], It works differently. There are new laws in this world. Any military officer who wants to go to hand tomorrow should think about waking up in Moscow.

Pro-Putin MP

Oleg Morozov has been a member of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament since 1993, and a member of the “United Russia” party, close to Vladimir Putin. The quote shared on social networks is from the show 60 minutes Broadcast on the public television channel Russia-1.

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Since the beginning of the Russian occupation, several Western officials have visited Ukrainian soil, most recently the new Foreign Minister Catherine Kolona or Boris Johnson, Ursula von Der Lane or Anthony Blinken.

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