On his return, Irish will provide financial assistance to forty Erasmus students

On his return, Irish will provide financial assistance to forty Erasmus students

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From this Thursday, travelers from more than 70 states arriving in Ireland will have to spend 2,000 euros on a hotel ship. Five of these countries are from the European Union and currently host Irish Erasmus students. The Irish government is going to put its hand in the pocket to allow these students to return home.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Emeline wine

On their return from Erasmus, the Irish government set aside one million euros for their student embargo. Half of the 1,000 young Irish students currently studying at European universities live in countries subject to “compulsory hotel shipping” – France, Italy, Belgium, Austria and the United Kingdom. Luxembourg. So the state undertakes to pay their 1,800 euro bill Two week delay In a hotel selected by the government.

However, this measure does not apply to international students who are required to take the course to come to Ireland from these countries, or to hundreds of other Irish students studying abroad outside the Exchange Program. For example, there are 500 people in the United States, which is also on the list.

The state’s contribution to the shipping costs of Erasmus students is being discussed in the country. Some self-proclaimed “taxpayers” condemn the distinction between Irish citizens returning from abroad and consider academic exchanges necessary, while many institutions across Europe offer their courses via video.

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