On appeal, Ryan Air was ordered to pay around 8 8 million

Strike movements are on the rise in "low cost" companies in France

The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) has welcomed the Paris Court of Appeals’ decision to impose a 200 200,000 fine and Rs 7.5 million in damages on Ryanair. Ron).

The Irish company was prosecuted for hiring 127 employees under an Irish agreement between 2007 and 2010, thus avoiding social security contributions in France. Therefore, the professional flight crew of the Civil Aeronautics (CRPN) will have to pay compensation to Ursaf and the pension fund. She was found guilty of “interfering with the exercise of trade union rights, the Constitution, the independent status of members of the Working Council and the independent status of staff delegates.”

He was convicted earlier in 2014 in this case

In this case, in October 2014, the Axis-en-Provence Court of Appeals sentenced Ryan Air to a similar sentence. But the Irish company appealed to the Cassation Court, and in 2018, the Cassation Court overturned the sentence and ordered a new appeal hearing for complex legal reasons related to European certificates known as E101, which establishes the affiliation of the employees concerned. Irish Social Security Scheme.

Ryan Air’s defense argued that its Marseille-Marignan base was not a permanent facility but only a place for boarding and disembarking passengers.

“False declarations about staff accommodation”

The Paris Court of Appeals upheld “false declarations of employee stay” to establish that these E101 certificates were fraudulently obtained under the SNPL. Some employees were originally announced at the address of Ryanair’s head office in Ireland, while the French address was mentioned in their employment contract.

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“This decision is important because it condemns Ryanair’s fraudulent actions in recognizing the serious damage done to flight crews and French organizations,” SNPL underlined. The FO, a union representing flight attendants – affiliated with SNPNC – welcomed the decision, saying it only “confirms” what it has long condemned: “the liberalization of the aviation sector for the benefit of law-hijacking companies.”

In a separate lawsuit, Ryan Air was charged with covert work related to the years 2011 to 2014. During this period, Ursaf estimated that the amount of contributions deducted from the company was more than 8 6.8 million due to non-affiliation of officials with the company. Marseille Foundation for French Social Security Plans.

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