On an archipelago in Taiwan, the night sky glows green

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At a distance of 9 km from China, the Taiwanese archipelago, the sky is illuminated by continuous green light for months. Powerful green lights are used by Chinese squid fishermen to attract many animals to the surface in the area, but in reality they change the landscape of the islands: “It’s like in a sci-fi movie”. He said One of the residents, Al Washington Post.

The archipelago is historically famous because of its abundance of fish, but local fishing has long been in crisis: local fishermen blame Chinese ships for digging around the coast to get the sand needed to operate many buildings on the mainland.

The conflict between Taiwan and China has been escalating for months From the Chinese claims In the sovereignty of the island enjoying true freedom. In addition to the many recent air border violations claimed by Taiwan by the Chinese military and other similar military or diplomatic moves, minor provocations, such as those that occur daily on the small Taiwanese islands, also contribute to these tensions. .

Recently, the phenomenon of green lights at night has intensified due to the huge demand for squid from China. During the best time for their fishing, which lasts from June to September, a boat can catch up to 180 kilograms, which sells for about $ 11 per kilo in markets in Fujian Province. Writes A Washington Post.

Since April, Taiwanese authorities have seized more than eight tons of bait and traps abandoned by Chinese fishermen. But since 2016 there has been no dialogue between island officials and China, and it is difficult to find a shared solution.

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The increased presence of green lights illuminating the shores is considered by locals to be a form of stress from China. For many, this is detrimental to other types of fishing and tourism, which are highly dependent on the local economy. Chinese fishermen, on the other hand, argue that there are only practical reasons for night light.

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