Omicron, an opportunity, but not for everyone

Omicron, an opportunity, but not for everyone

Decryption – The wave of the Omicron variant seems to have a limited effect in countries where large-scale vaccinations have been carried out. But can prove destructive to others.

More than 300,000 new Kovid cases are announced every day, but in fact more than half a million, due to the increasing difficulty of finding a pharmacy or laboratory testing center. Variant Omicron The breakthrough is progressing at a rapid pace. Fortunately, this tide of pollution does not translate into a significant increase in the number of hospital admissions. Great Britain, where the omega micron eruption started a few days ago, shows that the wave should be small and hospital admissions will decrease rapidly.

Is this positive effect due to the fact that omiciron is less stiff than previous strains? Undoubtedly, the new variant reduces the number of serious cases and sends fewer patients to intensive care. But this good news alone cannot explain the low intensity of the explosion that South Africa experienced, as Britain struggles to survive.

For both countries …

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