Olympics 2022: Elsa Desmond becomes first Irish woman lugger at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

Olympics 2022: Elsa Desmond becomes first Irish woman lugger at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

Because until recently there was no such fellowship. There was a dearth of Irish Toboganists.

That all changed with Desmond working as a doctor at Southhand University Hospital in Essex, England. However, this young athlete had to pay for her own Olympic dream. Because there were no subsidies for Tobogganists in Ireland. So Desmond also collected donations online to make her great wish come true.

The eight-year-old first saw Luge at the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

Olympics 2022 in Beijing

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Desmond explained from an Irish perspective what an extraordinary sport he was in the Irish Times: “I think it happened because there was no one who could serve as a role model. There was no female Luger in Britain and Ireland.

Elsa Desmond was chosen as the flag bearer

She’s always on her mind, ” she always does, Desmond said. Her biggest goal was actually the Olympic Games in Milan and the Cortina de Ampezo 2026. Now the Olympic dream came true four years ago. The 24-year-old will also receive special honors in Beijing.

Because at the opening ceremony, Desmond was chosen as the Irish flag bearer. “It’s a great honor (…) to put it into words. It has been my lifelong dream to represent my country at this high level, but in a few days I will lead the team to the stadium. I appreciate every second of this experience,” Desmond wrote on Instagram.

On February 7 and 8 (Live on Eurosport from 12:50) This becomes serious for the Irish girl on the ice channel. Since then, the Olympic dream has come to an abrupt end. Desmond is expected to begin his next shift at the hospital on February 11th.

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Olympics 2022 in Beijing

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