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Olympia 2021, Rowing: Jason Osborne and Jonathan Rommelman win silver

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They want a medal, and it’s silver!

In the lightweight double sculls, Jason Osborne (27) and Jonathan Rommelman (26) are second behind Fintan McCarthy and Paul Odonovan from Ireland. Bronze for Italy. Closing of the heartbeat on the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo.

The Germans got off to a great start, leading just behind the first 500 meters and retaining first place even in the 1000 meters. Halfway through the match, the battle for gold between Germany and Ireland escalated. The Irish pull is 750 meters from the finish. They have a lead of 0.86 seconds in the finish. The Irish paddled to the final with a world record.

Before the games, Osborne and Rommelman made it clear that they wanted to win a medal. Osborne: “Something else would be disappointing. I’m completely honest about that. “Now, after winning silver at the European Championships earlier this year, both have won Olympic silver.

Athletes happy: There were a lot of athletes and supervisors from other boat classes and countries at the stand, so there was a bit of a mood in the finish area despite the spectators being banned.


In 2016, she was a woman in Rio
The first trans athlete at the Olympics!

Source: BILD


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