Old Liguria of Europe – Eco de Savona

Old Liguria of Europe - Eco de Savona

Liguria is the second-oldest “oldest” area in Europe, with 28.7% of the population over the age of 65, according to statistics published a few days ago by Eurostat, which reported a slight increase over the previous year, with data from 2019 re-reported by Eurostat in 2020. The same category makes up 28.5% of the total; Ansa said in a statement last year that the band considered the risk of severe symptoms of coronavirus infection to be high.

The Chemnitz district of Germany, the only region in Europe, also confirms that we are being “hit” by 29.3% of people over the age of 65. Even there, in East Germany Saxony, the Greco-Albanian region of Epirus 27.3%, the French limousine 27.1% and Saxony-27.0%, slightly higher than 28.9, followed by Saxony-27.0%. , Which brings Germany back into view

Accordingly, Italy is confirmed to be the oldest country in Europe, with 22.8% of the population over the age of 65. Greece and Finland had the lowest percentage at 22.3%, followed by Portugal (22.1%), Germany (21.8%) and Bulgaria (21.6%). In Ireland (14.1%).% And in Luxembourg (14.4%). The French overseas territory outside of Europe, but still part of the territory of the French Republic, or the archipelago of Mayotte near Madagascar and French Guiana in the United States, are “young” and, of course, very young, with 2.7 and 6.1% of the population over the age of 65 living there, respectively. The EU average is 20.6%, 0.3% compared to 2019, 0.6% compared to 2018 and 2.9% compared to 2009.

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“Better than the Mediterranean Diet” – it’s not in Saxony or Finland, I dare not say even in Epirus – without an American invention and exact historical value, we can be honest, the European population is aging, economically, demographically related to the industrial past. Marx Stad, one of the main centers of the German industrial economy at the time, but a definite and specific study is required to understand the endeavor.

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