OECD rejects Conte and bonuses

OECD rejects Conte and bonuses

How useful were the relief efforts for families started by the Conte government? At least, by 2020, OECD’s Director of Labor, Employment and Social Affairs, Stefano Scarpetta, will be evaluating the data in the judgment. At the level of the most industrialized countries, the sharp decline in per capita GDP in the second quarter of 2020 (-10.6%) led to a growth of 5.3 percent in real per capita household income. This is precisely thanks to the supportive measures taken by various governments during the Kovid-19 Pandemic. But not all countries achieve the best results: In my speech, Scorpeta explains: G I mentioned the trend of per capita income of households in Italy and other OECD countries in relation to GDP trends. In other OECD countries, normal and extraordinary support measures have limited the impact of sharp contractions on economic activity on household incomes, while in Italy the importance of regulation has been less.

For example, Canada and the United States saw significant growth in per capita income of 11.0% and 10.1%, respectively. Ireland (3.6%), Australia (2.7%) and Finland (1.1%) saw the slightest increase in real household income.

In contrast, real per capita household income declined by 1.2%, 2.3%, 3.4% and 7.2% in Germany, France, the UK and Italy, respectively. More moderate than the previous quarter (minus 1% or less). In other words, of the seven major OECD economies, Italy has the worst household finances. Apparently something went wrong.

Per capita household income, including social benefits for taxes and social security contributions, is considered an important indicator of a family’s living conditions or financial well-being.

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