“Occurrence is unprecedented in the last 1,000 years and is part of human activity.”

"Occurrence is unprecedented in the last 1,000 years and is part of human activity."

Climate change Already here, what happened in Germany. It is no coincidence that catastrophic fires broke out in Turkey or California, and they are all the aftermath of this global warming. In Siberia they are currently at a temperature of 30 degrees, when severe frosts usually take over that part of the planet.

The biggest meteorologists A report was signed for this HIM-HER-IT With the conclusions about scientific knowledge around the world about climate change and the effects of climate change on the physical system of the oceans and biosphere.

Report It has been running for 3 years and has more than 200 researchers.

What is happening is unprecedented

Collects a series of conclusions to help governments as part of the study United Nations Framework Convention It was first concluded that there is climate change with very strong conclusions about climate change. Francisco Doblas, Scientist and Coordinator of the Report, “It simply came to our notice then It is undisputed that the precedents of the last 1000 years are due to human activity.

Fire, drought and flooding are historical phenomena because they do not “match the observations” available.

“What makes this kind of phenomenon we observe really dangerous is not breaking records, but happening at an unexpected pace,” Doblas says.

In addition, the report points out Climate change Drought, wildfires, and heavy rains, and above all the magnitude of the heat waves unprecedented in the past centuries, are now taking place in one way or another in all parts of the planet. The report also points out that in the future, such repercussions will be more frequent, more severe, and longer lasting. However.

The rise of the ocean will continue for centuries

“But many other phenomena are expected to continue, for example, Sea level rises It will continue for centuries and millennia, “the scientist assured.

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The summer we spent was not particularly hot compared to the summer of 2015 It was very intense, and in 30 years the rise in temperature will lead to more extreme degrees and hotter summers than we experience, and will be even higher by the end of the century, ”he added.

In conclusion, the expert assures “We must try to avoid blaming the citizen because the responsibility lies with the governments above all else Among those who ultimately make decisions. “

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