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Occitani Fifth Most Attractive French Territory, Montpellier IV Metropolis

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101. This is the number of foreign investment projects carried out in Occitania in 2021, according to the annual barometer of the auditing firm EY *. That is an increase of 36% and the seizure of 8% of foreign investment projects in France. The sector almost returned to its 2019 level (107 projects) after a decline in 2020 (74 projects), a year when the global Kovid pandemic hit hard.

The region ranks fifth among the most attractive regions behind Ile-de-France (291 projects), Overgne-Ron-Alps (146), Grand Estate (109) and Hauts-de-France (107).

“In the next three years, which cities are most likely to compete with Paris in terms of the attractiveness of your investments?” 33% of entrepreneurs in question answered Bordeaux first, followed by Strasbourg (30%) and Marseille-Aix-en-Provence (25%). 17% each).

This location is representative of the Montpellier ecosystem focused on innovation », Comment EY.

First the United States

Among the top 10 countries where foreign investment in Occitanani will emerge in 2021 are the United States (20 projects), Germany (16 projects), Belgium (10 projects), and El Spine (8 projects). Finally, Canada (6 projects) and the United Kingdom (6 projects) share fifth place. Next are the Netherlands (5 projects), China (5 projects), Italy (5 projects), Ireland (3 projects) and Japan (3 projects).

All three European countries in this ranking are Occitania traditionally countries with strong economic ties, but Occitania’s attraction to North America is remarkable. EY monitors.

The first activity in which foreign investors invested was in manufacturing (33 projects), followed by research and development centers (23 projects) and business services (21 projects). Behind the decision-making centers (9 projects), Marketing and Sales (8 projects) and Logistics (7 projects).

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20 projects on transport routes

Occitania’s most invested sectors in 2021 are manufacturers and developers of transportation (20 projects), software and IT services (15 projects), and business services (8 projects). Next, 7 projects each on energy-water-waste treatment, agri-food, furniture and electronics.

For example, the Occitanie region’s economic development agency, Ad’Occ, remembers setting up SOPREMA (Insulating Foam Panels Manufacturing Plant) at St. Gilles’ Guard of Universal Hydrogen (Hydrogen for short-term aeronautical supply). Requirements for developing a capsule system that integrates with existing aircraft to provide an emission free fuel delivery system in Toulouse from CAF (Design, manufacture, repair, maintenance and distribution of vehicles and components for railway systems) (Marketing of its LINK2i solution) Onet Technologies (Nuclear Demolition) at Mendele, Codolet and Chasclan, or So-Biogaz (Agricultural methanation) in carbon.

Performance at R&D centers

With 20 projects by 2021, Occitani ranks 2nd in France (Ile-de-France, 47 projects) and has identified Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (13 projects), or 17.3% of the total number of projects, in relation to foreign investment in R&D centers. In this segment, the region ranks 4th in Europe, behind Flanders (Belgium), Greater London and the Isle-de-France, with an increase of 64% over the previous year.

The strong increase in interest from foreign investors for research and development centers in Occitanie reflects our increased knowledge of innovative-based ecosystems, which in my opinion makes it its main strength. Marie-Thérèse Mercier partner, head of EY Montpellier commented.

EY Analysts point out ” Although the top five European regions continue to grow in terms of foreign investment in research and development centers, it should be noted that this increase is very high compared to other regions in the top five and, if we look at it, is even higher. The total European area is 7% .

* According to this 2021 barometer,France continues to be a major destination for foreign direct investment in Europe. 1,222 projects (+ 24% vs 2020), widening the gap with its historical rivals the United Kingdom (993 projects, + 2%) and Germany (841 projects, -10%).

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