Now the former king of Spain must give up everything

Now the former king of Spain must give up everything

The former king of Spain must give up everything: corruption in the Spanish royal family. He was the one who was expelled from the royal court forever. What is happening in one of the most famous dynasties in the world.

Leticia Ortiz and Filippo VI –

The new one Corruption in the Spanish royal family. Did you see what happened? He is the only one Expelled from the royal palace: Now ex King of Spain Everyone was forced to leave.

Corruption in Spanish court

The Spanish royal family Continues to be the focus of attention. Key elements of one of the oldest dynasties Iberian Peninsula Overflowing in one Media storm.

Spanish royal family
Spanish Royal Family –

The king of Spain has always been a major source of controversy and gossip. Philip VI of Bourbon And his wife, Leticia ortis. Several times the current queen was his wife The hero of gossip and gossip The ex-queen’s mother has often seen her against Sovereign Sophia.

Sophia He never appreciated his behavior, in his opinion, Not too rebellious and native Of famous bridesmaids, yet the scandal is not over. Coming up now Another piece of news Troubles everyone, including topics: He was the one who was expelled from the royal palace. Now the former king of Spain must give up everything.

The former king of Spain was forced to give up everything

The new one Drama In the Spanish royal family. This time they are not going to be the protagonists of an unprecedented event Philip and his wife Leticia OrtizBut the father of the current king of Spain, the former sovereign Juan Carlos.

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Juan Carlos, former King of Spain
Juan Carlos, Former King of Spain –

Husband of Sophia, who has been sovereign for two years Lives in Abu Dhabi where are you Self deported Some are following Financial corruption and tax evasion Those who saw him as a hero and a personal interlocutor.

Not to tarnish the image of the Spanish royal family above all else Son’s good name Good governance of Spain, The former king of the Iberian Peninsula decided to pack his bags And to move away from the nation he had ruled for so many years.

Juan Carlos ruled from 1975 to 2014 And from 2020 onwards Lives in UAE only, Without his family. Two days ago, to everyone’s surprise, The former Spanish king returned to his country But he was allowed to return to a condition: He will not stay in the royal palaceHe was Officially expelled from court.

During his short stay in Spain He will not sleep in the palace of Sarsuvela, Let us know IC Paris MagazineBut will be a guest Pedro Campos, a friend He will host his estate. The Spanish government approved him Return home temporarily To the Sovereign You shall not enter into the chambers of the king’s house.

Juan Carlos kept his distance from the court. He will return to Abu Dhabi alone in a few hours. His image is now forever marked At the same time, his name has come to the fore Defamatory allegations Who brought notoriety and shame to the Spanish royal family.

Former King of Spain
Former King Returns to Spain –
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