Now he will have to pay an astronomical fine

Now he will have to pay an astronomical fine

Google agreed to pay $391.5 million with 40 US states. This is because it collects location data from users even when they have expressly disabled their phones’ location and location features. The amount represents the largest amount Google has ever paid for a privacy claim.

what happen. The Oregon attorney general and 39 other US attorneys general announced a landmark settlement in which Google will have to pay more than $390 million for its localization practices. This is the largest agreement regarding consumer privacy. A fine is added along with the history Payment for proprietary practicesThe Trial against the EU for abuse of dominance or permission of AEPD For violating the GDPR.

Remove location and I will track you too. As stated in the agreement, Google Information was being collected Although they have disabled the tracking from the Google account settings themselves, about the location of the users. Even removing the place is of no use Or set Google not to track you. The company does this without the user’s permission. In addition to being recorded on Google’s servers, this information is also shared with advertisers.

We have come through the law. Prosecutors concluded that this type of practice was misleading to consumers, and that Google had been implementing these practices since at least 2014. “Until we have complete privacy laws, companies will continue to collect large amounts of our personal data for marketing purposes. Fewer regulations,” one of them explained.

Bad ad profiles. Location data is important to Google. They are critical to your advertising business, which prioritizes creating accurate ad profiles. Automatically, when we open a Google account, if we visit My activity sectionWe can see that the “Location History” section is active by default. It is possible to mark its deactivationThe important thing is that it serves something.

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What is Google going to do?. The agreement that Google has agreed to, in addition to the payment of financial sums, indicates a change in some of its practices related to location. So it needs to display detailed information about the types of location data it collects, not hide options that disable tracking entirely. This information will be reflected in an accessible way in a web section dedicated to “location technologies” integrated into Android settings from next year.

A good way to prevent self-destruction. As users, if we want to maximize our privacy, it’s interesting to use tools like self-destruction of our Google data. The process is simple In addition, Google is legally obligated to delete the information you choose in this section of web activity from its servers.

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