Now comes the issue of land registry, checks and fines

The sting of gas was so strong that many families switched to pellet stoves or wood-burning stoves to protect themselves from horrendous bills.

But you must come in order because otherwise I will Restrictions Penalties can be very heavy.


First of all if there is one open fireplace You need to do a full set of tests. When there is an open fireplace, the risk is precisely fire But there is also the risk of intoxication.

You must comply or there are sanctions

Basically, just as there is an annual inspection of a gas boiler, there is also a sticker affixed by the person carrying out the inspection. An inspection and declaration of conformity is required in relation to the chimney.


Even when installing a flue or creating ventilation systems, one is always glued All-important compliance certification. We must always remember that installing a stove in a condominium is always possible, but there are some issues to keep in mind. When installing an equipped stove A flue system’s smoke outlet needs to be done in accordance with current regulations.

Regulations, Land Registry, Condominium

Installation of stove should be reported Must be authorized in a meeting with the condominium administrator. Among other things, a qualified technician in the Chamber of Commerce should install the stove, so it will definitely be very useful when saving the stove or wood-burning stove. But we must take care to comply with all relevant regulations, otherwise we risk sanctions and even restrictions. Therefore, it is very important to contact when installing these completely economical and ecological heating systems a Qualified installer He performs all the necessary bureaucratic procedures so that there are no immediate or future problems.

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Avoid hard tests

In fact today the regulations of these heating systems As many Italians are implementing these heating systems, they are intensifying precisely To save on the dreaded spike in gas bills. But construction experts emphasize that precise regulations must be followed and that the installation of these systems should not be done in an improvised and not well-budgeted manner.

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