Norway and Sweden report more deaths after using AstraZeneca vaccine – 03/19/2021

Norway and Sweden report more deaths after using AstraZeneca vaccine - 03/19/2021

Norwegian authorities on Thursday confirmed the deaths of a second person and a Swedish man due to serious thromboembolic complications following the adoption of the Astrazeneca vaccine against Kovid-19.

Six cases of abnormal clinical picture were reported in Norway, including platelet count, vascular clotting, and hemorrhage, similar to those found in many countries.

A team of doctors at Oslo University Hospital reported hours ago that the immune response to the AstraZeneca vaccine was the cause of the thrombosis caused by three health experts being admitted to hospital on site over the weekend, one of whom died last Sunday.

“We have made a number of discoveries that explain the clinical evolution of patients. These findings support our theory that they have a strong immune system that leads to the formation of antibodies that activate platelets and cause thrombosis,” said Paul Andre Home. Head of Medical Team.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) says it sees no evidence that the vaccine is directly linked to cases of thromboembolism found across the continent and that it is safe to continue to use it. The possibility of ruling a connection is completely non-existent.

Several countries, such as Italy or Spain, have confirmed that they will resume vaccination with AstraZeneca. But Norway will continue to study episodes recorded in this country.

“We are analyzing in detail whether there is any connection between the vaccine and the cases. We will study the analysis of the EMA and report back by the end of next week,” said Camila Stoltenberg, director of the Institute of Public Health.

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Denmark, the first country to discontinue the AstraZeneca vaccine a week ago, is also holding back.

The Danish Medicines Agency reports that a total of ten thrombosis cases have been registered since receiving the vaccine, although it has not yet been determined whether there is a link.

A few days ago, Danish authorities reported the death of a woman under the age of 60 with a rare clinical picture.

The Swedish Medicines Agency today confirmed the death of another woman in her 60s and without previous illnesses, and a similar clinical picture and another suspicious case are under investigation.

Sweden, one of the last countries to join AstraZeneca’s suspension, has said it will retain the decision for some time.

“The Public Health Agency needs a few days to analyze the situation on how the vaccine can be used in Sweden,” said its director, Johann Carlson.

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