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Northern Irish MEPs call for referendum on reorganization

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DMartina Anderson, Northern Irish MEP, calls for a referendum as soon as possible on the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Southern Republic of Ireland. Anderson told the German Press Agency that in the 2016 Brexit referendum, a majority of northern Irish people voted against leaving the European Union. Anderson belongs to the Sinn Fin party, the political wing of the pro-Irish militant group IRA.

“After Brexit, Northern Ireland will gradually deviate from EU law in some areas,” Anderson said. “As this deviation progresses, it will be more difficult to reorganize with the Northern European Union after reunification.” Therefore, a referendum on reorganization should be held as soon as possible. In any case, it must take place before the next European election in 2024.

From 1921 Ireland was divided. They fought for Irish autonomy at the time, and later gained complete independence from Great Britain. However, this only applies to one-fifth of the island: the north, then the richest region and the only Protestant-majority region remained part of the United Kingdom.

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