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Northern Ireland talks resume as EU-UK ties improve –

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Talks between UK, EU and Irish officials will resume this week to finally resolve the long-running dispute over the implementation of the Brexit deal in Northern Ireland, ministers have confirmed.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney confirmed on Wednesday (October 5) that he will meet British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley for dinner in London on Thursday evening. Coveney will also co-chair a British-Irish intergovernmental conference with Northern Ireland Minister Chris Heaton-Harris on Friday.

“The EU has shown a willingness to compromise, trying to address legitimate concerns expressed in Northern Ireland, and it remains to be seen whether this new UK government is willing to compromise to reach a deal.”He declared.

“But certainly the background music has fundamentally changed, and we welcome that, and we will work not only on relationships to restore trust, but also on practical solutions, and I think that process will begin this week.”Mr Coveney added.

Sterling and government bonds fell sharply after new Prime Minister Liz Truss faced direct criticism from her ministers and Tory MPs after plans to borrow more than £40bn. However, its initial approach to relations with the EU was more positive than expected.

Ms Truss is attending the first meeting of the European Political Community, a new forum launched by French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday that aims to bring together European countries, members of the European Union and those who are not.

The European Commission confirmed earlier this week that the two sides would meet for technical-level talks.

Earlier this week the Secretary of State [« Minister of State » en anglais, ndlr] As for Northern Ireland, Steve Baker, one of Brexit’s strongest supporters, surprised party representatives by saying Tory ministers needed to show something.“humility”. So he called for them to recognize that in the Brexit process “Ireland and the European Union have not always behaved in a way that encourages them to trust us and accept that they have legitimate interests and legitimate interests that we are willing to respect, because they do, and we are willing to respect them.”

“I regret that because the relationship with Ireland is not what it should be and we will have to work very hard to improve it and I know we are doing that.”He declared.

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Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said he used Queen Elizabeth’s funeral earlier this month to personally apologize to Irish ministers.“Honest and very, very helpful”.

In a speech to Conservative Party representatives on Wednesday, Ms Truss reiterated her campaign pledge to repeal EU laws enshrined in UK law as part of her plan to focus attention. “Growth, Growth, Growth”.

They also promised to legislate “Ensures that no European judge can sidestep us on immigration and asylum issues”.

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