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Northern Ireland: Sinn Fin, the first party in the local parliament

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It’s a historic victory We are.

The Catholic-inspired Nationalist Party clearly won the election in Northern Ireland, becoming the first party. Stormont HouseSeat of the Northern Irish Assembly.

Sinn Fin received 29% of the vote against 21.3% of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

With 88 of the 90 seats up for grabs, Sinn Fin has risen to 27 from the 24 already approved in the duo.

“New Age”

Law leader Dello Sinn Fin, Michelle O’Neill (45), he has the numbers to become the new Prime Minister of Ulster, the first national Prime Minister.

Post-Brexit Protocol: Side Thorn

Historical defeat equivalent to Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)The Northern Irish Party has received the most votes in the last twenty years.

Leader Jeffrey Donaldson“We look at the outcome. We will discuss the next steps we need to take to achieve the goals we want, such as a stable Northern Ireland, a stable economy and our well – functioning political institutions. Brexit.”

The post-Brexit border deals will, in fact, be a thorn in the side of the new Belfast government.

Le Don dello Sin Fine

We are (From Gaelic: “We ourselves”), a party long associated with the Catholic paramilitary group IRA (Irish Republican Arni), did not talk about the unification of Ireland (Ulster + Ire) during the election campaign – its old workhouse. Own – focuses on the country’s economic problems and the rising cost of living.

Michelle O’Neill, In fact, with regard to Irish unification, he stated that there would be no constitutional change until the electorate had made a decision on the matter.

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Law President Del Cinfein, Mary Lou MacDonald However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government in the next five years.

Best result for the middle party in the polls Alliance Party, Does not identify himself as a nationalist or a unionist: a significant leap forward, in fact another great winner in the election. So far it has won 15 seats.

The turbulent last months of Northern Irish politics

Since the formation of Northern Ireland as a majority Protestant state in 1921, the government has been led by Unionist parties.

According to the compulsory power-sharing system createdGood Friday Peace Treaty 1998 saw the end of decades of conflict between Catholics and Protestants, with the role of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister being split between the main Unionist Party and the main National Party.

For the government to function, both roles need to be filled, but the Democratic Unionist Party has announced that Sinn Fin will not present a deputy prime minister under the prime minister.

All the fault of Brexit …

The DUP also said it would refuse to join the new government unless there were major changes to the post-Brexit border agreements known as the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Post-Brexit Laws Customs and border restrictions have been imposed on certain goods entering Northern Ireland from other parts of the UK. The agreement is designed to maintain the open border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, a member of the European Union, a key pillar of the peace process.

But this angered unionists who argued that the new restrictions had created a barrier between Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK, a barrier – not just physical – that undermined their British identity.

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On February 4, 2022, Paul Givan (DUP) The Northern Irish Prime Minister has resigned (he has been in power since June 2021), while the post-Brexit tensions have led to a new political crisis in Northern Ireland, which has probably been resolved with these elections.

Full election results using the proportional representation system are expected between Saturday and Sunday.

We will try to form a new government from next week.

Live election results in Northern Ireland

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