Northern Ireland, Rwanda: Europe withdraws, United Kingdom survives

Northern Ireland, Rwanda: Europe withdraws, United Kingdom survives

How far will the United Kingdom go to claim its sovereignty against the Europeans? Boris Johnson’s government is not afraid to cross the red line. Within 24 hours, the Europeans called the British twice to order. On Tuesday evening, the European Court of Human Rights blocked the take-off of a flight carrying immigrants from the United Kingdom to Rwanda. The flight was to mark the beginning of a plan to rehabilitate refugees who have entered the United Kingdom illegally. The day after the controversial bill amending the Northern Irish Protocol, which ended with the European Union in the wake of Brexit, was introduced in London on Monday, the European Commission launched two new infringement proceedings against Great Britain.

“This will not stop us from pursuing our plan,” British Home Secretary Preity Patel said in response to the ECHR ruling. Similarly, if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that it is “disappointed that the EU started this legal process today”, it continues in its desire to unilaterally unleash the Northern Irish Protocol, not to blame Brussels. The UK’s priority is a negotiated solution, but we have been discussing for months the proposals put forward by the European Union (Wednesday), which will not resolve the issue, “said a government spokesman.

These expressions match a particular logic across the channel. Boris Johnson, whose 41% of MPs questioned leadership in early June, continues to praise the Conservative hardliners. In the House of Commons, several Tories supported Preity Patel and her program. Some have even suggested that he no longer be a party to the European Convention on Human Rights. The last landing country … None other than Russia last March.

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