Northern Ireland Mountains ‘Like Volcanoes’

Uma enorme fogueira de tojo atravessa as Montanhas Mourne em Co Down, vista de Newcastle

A large wildfire in the Morne Mountains in Northern Ireland has been declared a major event by the Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS), causing incredible damage to the environment.

Seventy firefighters and 10 firefighting equipment have been deployed at all stations Northern Ireland, Continue fighting in hell at the highest peak in the country, Sleeve Donard.

Firefighters In the first line The biggest challenges are working on land access, heat exhaustion, PPE and water transport.

Fireman in Gors burns in the Morne Mountains. Photo: Agriculture Secretariat through PA

Damage to the focal point of the relief fire: Sky News brought there by NIFRS.

Wildlife Service leader Mark Smith said: “The damage done here is incredible. It has seriously affected our wildlife.

“This is a very large area … we are still measuring its exact size … but today it will have a huge impact on the environment and ecosystem of that area.”

Dramatic images of fires captured at night showed fire rings on the mountain, which explains why fire sources at the resort later increased.

As an Irish Coast Guard helicopter supported NIFRS, it became a cross-border operation for several agencies in the county.

A large gorge campfire spreads across the Morne Mountains in Codetown, seen from Newcastle.

Chris Hazard, a local MP from Sinn Fein, said Sleeve Donard and Mornes were like “erupting volcanoes” and that this created a real alarm for residents.

This is the driest month of April, which increases the risk of wildfires.

Deputy Fire Chief Aiden Jennings told me: “In my many years of experience in the Fire and Rescue Service, very few of these fires have started outside of human activity, so I hope we can find out if this is a fire. Consciously.

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I urge the public, landlords and everyone to work with us to prevent this, ”he added.

Firefighters were able to keep the fire inside and outside where they took us, but it was still burning.

The black floor under our feet, usually flowers with heather, confirmed that environmental damage had already occurred.

Northern Ireland Fire Brigade Assistant Aiden Jennings
Northern Ireland Fire Brigade Assistant Aiden Jennings

It is too late for the tens of thousands of mountain nests and their young to nest at this time of year.

The fire brigade teams we spoke to clearly disturbed this. They are tired, but now they are succeeding.

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