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Northern Ireland in Euro course after shootout victory

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Northern Ireland beat Bosnia-Herzegovina 4-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the European Championship play-off semi-final in Sarajevo.

Ian Barracklow’s men will face Slovakia in the Euro 2020 final next month after the Republic of Ireland lost on penalties in Bratislava.

After the Bailey Peacock-Farrell escape from Harris Hajradonovic, Liam Boyce won a penalty, while Northern Ireland were eliminated in their first penalty shootout when Edin Viska hit the crossbar.

It was a dramatic finish on a tense night in Sarajevo, with eight minutes to go in the second half before Niall McGinn equalized for the visitors before the Bosnians were knocked out by Raid Chronic.

More than 1,500 fans cheered Bosnia into the stadium Grabovica, but the victory went to the visitors, with Barrackoff’s first assignment and in the perfect moment Steven Davis marking his record-breaking 120th cap.

Bosnia have returned to a temporary four, in which former Nottingham Forestman Anal Ahmenhodzik has made his debut, with Branimir Cipetic taking only his second hat and Sinisa Sanikanin his third, but Northern Ireland struggled to test them in the first half.

In the first 10 minutes alone, they put Northern Ireland ahead with three corners and three free kicks around the box.

Rad Chronic is celebrating his initial goal

But they were 13 minutes away from the open play. Paddy McNair and Jamal Lewis have already slipped to a surface and have not been trained in building Northern Ireland competition, and Evans set foot when he became the third player.

When Lester Mann stumbled, Cipetic was given the opportunity to pull the ball back to shoot Chronic.

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Barrackoff’s side reacted quickly when Corey Evans’ long ball was sent off by Josh Magnes, but Ibrahim Sehic made a superb save and Hull was denied from close range.

Bosnia still looks more dangerous on both sides, and Pij പിnik whistles over the top of a shot post as Peacock-Farrell can only be seen before another chance is narrowed.

Edin Deco then pulled the ball back for Krunik to shoot against the goalkeeper.

Northern Ireland ended the half well but McNair headed the ball back for George Savil. The left foot diverted the attempt.

At the start of the second half they continued to be the front foot and found Corey Evans when he sent a dangerous cross McGinn from the left.

Northern Ireland opened the scoring in the 53rd minute.

McGinn ran a ball into the box, which was deflected away from Cipetic, beating Sanikan, and then overtaking Sehik to level the match.

Two minutes later McGinn sent a magnificent cross to McNair but Seed Colasinac was able to keep him in front of goal.

Northern Ireland started an open period in the equalizer with a free kick on the Pijanic crossbar when Savil and Luis came close to Barrackoff and were saved by Peacock-Farrell Kronick and Amir Hadziomatovich.

Gavin White replaces Corey Evans with 17 minutes left, the Cardiff man put Northern Ireland ahead, and the snapshot deflected wide when Sehig missed, but the whistle went for offside.

Instead, Northern Ireland went into overtime for the first time since 1958, when Jordan Jones made a great profit from Sehig. Peacock-Farrell will go down sharply to deny Edin Wisca.

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But the two sides could not be separated until the shoot.

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