Northern Ireland Diversion: Sinn Fെയിin wins from London and dreams of independence

Northern Ireland Diversion: Sinn Fെയിin wins from London and dreams of independence

Northern Ireland has had a political turning point of historical significance – for the first time Sinn Fin, the majority Catholic Nationalist Party, won the election To the local parliament, thus gaining the right to elect the prime minister. The Protestant-majority Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) won second place and the right to elect a deputy minister, but delegates have already indicated their intention to boycott any attempt to form a government led by Sinn Fin. The Catholic victory represents the greatest political turning point in the country’s 100 years of history, opening the door to what Sinn Fin leader Michel O’Neill has described as a “new era” for Irish politics.

Sinn Fin, the main Irish national party, won And a majority of seats In the Northern Ireland Assembly: 27, against 24 went to the DUP. This is the first victory of a party that wants Ireland to unite. The DUP, which wants Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom, has been in power for almost a quarter of a century since the signing of the Belfast Peace Accords (Belfast Agreement), In 1998, when a system of government devolved compulsorily between the two parties came into being. During the election campaign, Sinn Fin, a former political wing of the Catholic paramilitary organization IRA (Irish Republican Army), Did not place special emphasis on the resolution of the reunification of Ireland, but in all likelihood he would now attempt to organize. A referendum Proposes secession from Great Britain and reunification with the Republic of Ireland. However, for the time being it will be up to London to decide: as established under the peace treaties, a referendum will be held only when the majority is clear.

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Il Belfast Agreement He ended an decades-long struggle by defining an open border on the island and comparing the Union, Protestant, and majority forces with national, Catholic, and minority forces. However, demographic trends have changed this balance and marked the rapid growth of the Catholic population. Also, in the opinion of some Analyzing, La Brexit It will play an important role in determining the outcome of these elections. In fact, there will not be a sudden turnaround in Irish national sentiment, but a deeper sentiment Union voters dissatisfiedThe emphasis was on economic issues rather than partisan struggles.

Brexit actually complicates the situation in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom but borders the Republic of Ireland, a member state of the European Union. One of the consequences was the signing of a complex trade agreement. Northern Ireland ProtocolThe introduction of border checks on incoming goods from the UK has, in the opinion of many unionists, helped to heighten sentiment. Separation Between the two sides of the Irish Sea. The DUP initially approved the deal, changed its mind and withdrew from the last government in Northern Ireland in protest, a move that was not welcomed by voters.

As a result of these elections, Sinn Fin will have the right to elect a local prime minister, while the PDU will elect a deputy prime minister. But union activists have already made this clear He does not want to join a nationalist-led government. Thus a predictable stagnation would make a huge difference Symbolic Direct rule in London would be required.

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