Northern Ireland: British pressure for abortion

Northern Ireland: British pressure for abortion

The British government wants to speed up “abortion services” in Northern Ireland, bypassing local authorities (cf. Northern Ireland: British government imposes abortion). Northern Ireland Secretary of State Brandon Lewis made the announcement on Thursday “To take legislative action” To compel the Northern Ireland Department of Health “Pregnant women can have an abortion for up to 24 weeks”. He removed the need for an executive agreement to give the health department an independent hand.

From 2019[1]Northern Ireland “Do not obey the law” He believes: Medical abortion is possible up to 10 weeks of pregnancy[2]Surgical abortion is not performed, however, and the law allows for up to 24 weeks. “If the Ministry of Health does not order and fund the abortion service, I will intervene further.” The Secretary of State pointed out again.

[1] See Abortion Flawlessness in Northern Ireland; Northern Ireland: Criminalization of abortion comes into effect

[2] See Northern Ireland: Rapid increase in medical abortions performed in hospitals

Sources: Politico, Sean Pogachnik (05/19/2022); Reuters (05/19/2022); Irish Times, Sean Graham (19/05/2022); gov.UK (19/05/2022)

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