Northern Ireland Alls Criminalization News

Northern Ireland Alls Criminalization News

In doing so, you create a new TV section and then call it the “Northern Ireland Noir”. “North” is not just an arrangement of stories revolving around the nerve.

It also created some exciting new writers. The great attraction of this region for filmmakers and writers is certainly from its distinctive landscape, intricate history and seemingly dramatic climate. Ingredients like these add dangerous stories more easily to a dangerous atmosphere than their protagonist, and add flavor to the inevitable twist.

Exciting series

Fall – Available on Netflix – Mainly filmed in Belfast, now adored. In an interview with the Guardian, the series’ writer and director, Alan Cubit, said during the shooting: “I think all the best police stories have a strong sense of the special place of action. When a city with its own character comes into the story it is very exciting: vague and by its own rules. Belfast has such a special quality – perhaps as a result of its own dramatic history. “

Very popular Line of Duty – Also depicted in Belfast – Draws on the city’s atmospheric backgrounds, backyards, side streets, and its sets and scenes from classic and modern architecture. For these reasons, Marcella’s Season 3 is also taking place in Belfast. The series can be seen on Netflix.

Also included in the catalog of “Northern Ireland Noir” Deceived – Currently only available on Channel 5 in the UK or on DVD. Written by Lisa McGee, author of the psychological thriller Derry Girls. The series was filmed in various locations in Northern Ireland: in the village of Killoff in County Down, for example, is called Nokdara in the film. Or in Killie League Castle – in the county. Not to be missed is Holston Ha House in Doug, County Antrim and the venerable Queen’s University in Belfast.

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Successful authors

Northern Ireland is not only an arrangement of TV thrillers, but is also known as the birthplace of successful writers: it has produced many young writers who have given their character to the trademark of the Noir category: Brian McGillow, Best-selling author of thrillers starring the New York Times detective sergeant Lucy Black and Inspector Devlin’s Nigo Cases cases. Or Claire McGowan, Author of Paula Maguire stories. Both are now very successful and specialize in crime stories.

Reading the tip

Provides a taste test of “Northern Ireland Noir” Belfast Black By (Akashik Noir) Adrian McKinty, A collection of short stories exploring the dark side of man and the evil depths of his mind. This volume includes contributions by Brian McGilloy, Gerard Brennan, Steve Cavanaugh, Claire McGowan, Sam Miller and Eon McNami.

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