North Korea confirms missile test; Biden warns of “consequences” The world

North Korea confirms missile test;  Biden warns of "consequences"  The world

A North Korea Confirmed (26) (local time) The Missile firing South Korean troops found this morning. Rule of Kim Jong Un Explained that the tests were performed using new ones “Guided Strategic Projectile” for Solid Fuel Engine.

The state news agency KCNA said in a statement that the experiment was important in improving the country’s military capabilities.

In addition, White House representatives claimed days ago that the government had acted Weekend tests with non-ballistic missiles It would be the first since it was held Joe Biden Became president U.S..

North Korea launches two ballistic missiles in defiance of international sanctions

Biden issued a warning to the North Korean government this afternoon Tensions with the U.S. or regional allies are likely to increase Of the White House South Korea that’s all Japan.

“There will be an answer if they choose to climb [as tensões]. We will respond appropriately, but I am ready for any kind of diplomacy, ”Biden warned.

The North Korean government said last week Any attempt to contact the United States will be ignored As long as Washington does not abandon what it calls “hostile politics.” And Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yoo-jong The U.S. has been warned not to “spread the smell of gunpowder” On the Korean Peninsula.

Missiles parade to celebrate Workers’ Party’s 8th Congress in Pyongyang, North Korea on January 14 – Photo: KCNA via Reuters

The UN Security Council passed a resolution banning North Korea from developing ballistic missiles – the country has nuclear weapons.

However, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean government developed the technology and tested intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2017, and this year relations between the two countries deteriorated.

A tried and true approach between the USA and North Korea in government Donald Trump It stalled next year in 2018 after both parties failed to follow up on an agreement.

Earlier this year, just days before Biden’s inauguration, the North Korean government displayed weapons at a major military parade in the capital, Pyongyang. Remember in the video below.

North Korea displays missiles capable of launching from submarines

North Korea displays missiles capable of launching from submarines

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