Noon: Amazing announcement by researchers affecting humanity

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The moon has been the center of attention around the world for some time, but very few people know about the amazing new announcement made by researchers, but it will affect the entire human race. In particular, scientists say that there is a rare gas on the moon that can solve many problems on Earth, but the process itself is very complicated and time consuming because nothing is easy to extract from there. Take it to earth.

The moon is the source of much information for scientists, and over time they discover many secrets related to the earth and how it affects its moons. Scientists now say that helium-3 can be extracted from the moon and that it could solve many energy problems, but that it would have a solution on the moon.

Noon: Amazing announcement by researchers affecting humanity

The Moon has a lot of helium-3 because it has no magnetic field, and solar winds bring it to its surface, preventing the Earth’s atmosphere from penetrating the planet’s surface. Helium-3 gas is rare on Earth, but scientists say that although this process is unusually expensive and long-lasting, it can be extracted in large quantities from the Moon and brought to our planet to solve our energy problems.

“Helium-3 (He-3) is abundant on the Moon, but it’s rare on Earth because of our magnetic field, which prevents solar winds from entering the atmosphere. It is a fusion component because it is not radioactive, does not produce harmful by-products, and cannot make nuclear weapons.

Moon can produce safe nuclear energy for humans because it is not radioactive, but it can not be used to create nuclear weapons, so in theory the world would be safer for it. However, the biggest problem is that it separates from there and travels to Earth, where the Moon is a considerable distance from our planet, so right now these are just dreams.

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However, it has caught the attention of space agencies, especially NASA, who want to send astronauts there after a gap of decades, and then even build a lunar base.

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