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Italy has had a primary budget surplus for 20 years. This is a sign of frugality. It’s about growing the economy, without holding it back, to solve debt effectively. Republican President Sergio Materella underlined this in an interview with Hungarian President Janos Oder today in the Quirinal. This is a clear confrontation with Hungary on issues of debt and immigration.

He met with the President of the Republic Sergio Matarella, the President of the Republic of Malta, the President of the Republic of Finland George Vella, the President of Ireland Michael de Higgins and the President of Hungary Janos Oder.

Between negotiations, there was a comprehensive agreement with Malta on the Libyan document and the vastness of the Mediterranean. A similar agreement was reached with Finland on the issue of expanding sovereignty at the European level. And – Learned – confirmed a common agreement with Helsinki on the European Investment Plan on Digital and Environmental Transformation. Sharing with Ireland on the subject of immigration. Finally, the question of EU border agreements with Great Britain was also examined.

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