Nokias are subscription-based and reward long-term ownership

Nokias are subscription-based and reward long-term ownership

HMD Global profiles itself as a smartphone manufacturer with the highest level of sustainability. The company is already proud to have received the highest rating from the Ecovadis organization, the platinum level, which means that HMD Global is in the top 1% of the greenest companies in the world. However, the company wants to continue reducing its emissions and the environmental impact of the devices it manufactures. The latest Nokia phones use a significant proportion of recycled materials in their construction, have “durable” batteries and, thanks to system updates, don’t morally expire so quickly.

However, HMD Global wants to support users in keeping their Nokia smartphone as long as possible. It comes with circular service for this purpose. Basically it’s a simple monthly subscription, where for an amount from 12 euros, which is about 300 crowns, they can rent a selected smartphone. Also, the customer can directly select the data for worldwide connection from the HMD Connect service.

The details of the service are not yet fully known, HMD has only announced that the offer will be available only in Great Britain and Germany for the time being and will be rolled out to other countries over time. The company wants users to use smartphones as part of the service as much as possible. It will also use the Seeds of Tomorrow program, which is dedicated to supporting environmental projects around the world.

The longer users have the phone, the more points they earn in Seeds of Tomorrow and the faster they earn it. Points earned can be used as financial contributions to selected projects, such as support for tree planting and investments to reduce CO emissions.2Recycling or perhaps providing connectivity to those in need.

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Users can manage their subscriptions in the MyDevice application, where they can freely change the appearance of the subscription. Among other things, HMD Global promises to quickly replace or replace the device in case of damage, loss or theft. We don’t know the details of the service yet, but HMD Global representatives initially offered five available devices. From currently published data, it follows that telephones will be available as part of the service Nokia G60 and Nokia X30 And the Nokia XR20, as well as the Nokia T10 LTE tablet, the fifth is yet to be announced by the company.

According to British prices published so far, the Nokia G60 costs 12 pounds 50 pence, which is about 350 crowns a month. The Nokia X30 will cost twice as much. The XR20 model should cost around £20 per month (just 550 crowns), while the T10 LTE tablet should cost half that amount. There is also an initial fee of £30 to be reckoned with. In rough rounding, this means that the subscription user will pay for the device in two years, and the longer the device is held, the more money Nokia can make on this model. The same applies to device replacement, which the user can access whenever he likes (after at least 90 days of possession of the device): he gets nothing for the original device, he pays the corresponding flat rate. A new one.

Devices returned by users (whether they decide to terminate service or purchase a new phone after some time) are either repaired and donated by HMD Global to non-profit organizations and other charities, or completely recycled.

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