Nobel laureate Roger Penrose says there was a universe before us: Report

Nobel laureate Roger Penrose says there was a universe before us: Report

Nobel laureate Roger Penrose says the Big Bang was not the beginning of our universe but the end of the world. Telegraph.

In an interview with the publication, this year’s Nobel laureate Penrose said, “Something happened before the Big Bang, and we have something in the future.” He also claims that there is evidence of this former universe in black holes.

According to Penrose, a contemporary of Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang actually began in the distant future of the former ion (the length of a universe).

Penrose said evidence of this old universe could be found in existing black holes and unexplained areas of electromagnetic radiation (Hawking points) in the sky.

This is part of the theory of “conformal cyclic cosmology”, which states that the universe goes through infinite cycles. The Big Bang is the birth of a new universe.

Penrose, who won the Nobel Prize for his work in physics for discovering black holes and proving Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, says that the radiation emitted from black holes is called Hawking radiation – a re-reading of the previous universe.

The Nobel laureate noted that the time it takes for radiation from black holes to completely evaporate is much longer than the age of our current universe and therefore undetectable.

Explaining further, he said, “We have a universe that expands and expands, all matter decays, and in this crazy theory of mine, that distant future becomes another ion.

According to his theory, similar black holes evaporate (Hawking evaporation) from the previous ion, which produces Hawking points.

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“These points are eight times the diameter of the moon, and slightly warmer regions. There is good evidence in at least six of these, ”he added.

However, experts in this field do not agree with Penrose. A Forbes The article, which questions Penrose’s theory, states that there are no echoes of these anterior ions in our universe. “There are no wounds in our universe; No repeating patterns; No centralized circles of irregular fluctuations; No hawking points.

When one analyzes the data correctly, it is very clear that the inflation matches the data, and the CCC is not clear. ”

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